Refuge Martial Arts Academy (RMA) is dedicated to developing today’s young adults through Christian moral training. We provide a high standard of instruction in the martial arts and its principles, with honesty, patience, and diligence, while at the same time applying Christian principles.

At Refuge Martial Arts we use some of the latest MMA curriculum to include an action packed training regiment consisting of techniques from John Hackleman’s (Chuck “The IceMan” Lidell’s Trainer) The Pit Curriculum, Dan Henderson’s Fight Quest Curriculum, Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture Curriculum, and much more. MMA is incorporated into each of our adult classes, and is taught in depth at our weekly Fight Clinics.

Our programs teach the basics leading to a strong foundation, and further detailed training. They will enhance your physical abilities, and maximize your self defense skills. Men, women, and children alike will discover more about themselves, and their potential through the martial arts faster than they ever could in today’s society. We have seen remarkable results in those who have participated in our programs. Such results include enhanced self confidence, improved social skills, disciplined behavior, advanced school and work ethic, and much more.

Chief Instructor Justin Williams has been training in the martial arts for over 9 years. Trained 3 with Mr. Dane Anglin (ITF), 1 with Master Carl Chaffin (WTF), 2 with Mr. Steve Briggs (ITA), 1 with Mr. Jeff House & Master Steve Place (NPTA), and has been training under the direction of Grand Masters Kang Rhee (WBBB), Richard Leasure (AMO), & Mike Lewis (KFCI) since 2007. He has also trained with “The Undefeated World Kickboxing Champ Bill Superfoot Wallace”, Rener Gracie Grandson of Helio Gracie the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and many other great martial arts champions. Mr. Williams has also studied Military Close Combat Fighting under U.S. Army Capt. Chris Pizzo in 2008. He also has a diploma in nursing, a degree in Theology, and a certificate from the Bentonville Police Academy. He also is the Pastor of the Refuge, and is great with children of all ages.

Refuge Martial Arts is an outreach ministry in partnership with New Life Fellowship Church in Pea Ridge Arkansas, and North Lake Church Smithville, Missouri. Currently, Refuge Martial Arts NWA holds classes in Pea Ridge, Arkansas; Refuge Martial Arts KC holds classes by invitation only.


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