Academy of Self Defense (ASD) in Santa Clara, California, is the proud home of the Team Triune Jiu-Jitsu Team.  ASD is also the only Nor Cal affiliate school for Miletich Fighting Systems. Offering many programs for all ages, ASD is the Bay Area’s #1 place for Krav Maga, Self-Defense, Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts!

The state-of-the-art school facility is over 5,000 square feet with a large training area; separate changing rooms, and student/parent viewing areas with ample seating. There is also a dedicated fighter’s area, our “Fairtex” room with over 10 different types of training bags filled with brand new equipment; multiple 7 ft Pole Bags, 6 ft Banana Bags, Body Bags, Maxi Bags, Double End Bags, Upper Cut/Hook Boxes, timers, etc. We have a full supply of training bags, pads and equipment for our students to train with; XL BOBS, Thai Pads, Thai Kick Shields, Belly Pads, Medicine Balls, Krav Tombstones, Kickshields, focus mitts, stretching machines, etc.

THE PIT Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program was designed by legendary trainer John “Pit Master” Hackleman. John is known by most as the trainer of UFC Hall of Famer and former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, and his appearances on The Ultimate Fighter TV show. THE PIT MMA program is designed for adults of all ages, experience, and fitness levels. Classes are “old school” tough yet upbeat and fun in a friendly environment where adults can learn effective MMA skills and get into peak physical condition. THE PIT MMA classes are great for fans, hobbyists, or those who want to learn mixed martial arts without having to compete or get into the cage. A structured curriculum designed by the “Pit Master” is followed for each class and students are also able to advance through the program by testing and earning belts. The curriculum is compromised of boxing, kickboxing, jiujitsu, judo, and wrestling skills with a mindset of “use what works, get rid of what doesn’t.” Individuals looking to learn MMA in a fun and safe environment, get a great alternative workout, or just add skills to their martial arts training will all benefit from THE PIT MMA classes.

The Academy of Self Defense teaches real-world self-defense and fitness classes to men, women, and children.

Our purpose is simple…
Quickly teach you how to defend yourself
Challenge you with an exciting fitness program

*FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL ON ALL PROGRAMS! Krav Maga, MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Kids MMA, CDT, Force Training, Law Enforcement

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