Coastside Mixed Martial Arts is a small and unique school in Moss Beach, California, that offers a personal, more-interactive environment with innovative training that focuses on each individual. Coastside MMA is a unique school that offers personal, more individualized training in a small studio setting. We combine grappling and striking into one complete class. The school is owned by James Pendergast, a former professional kickboxer with an undefeated record. We train under a spiritual base and offer innovative instruction.

We offer various levels of training from physical fitness classes consisting of flexibility and strengthening techniques to Kickboxing and our personal brand of Mixed Martial Arts. We have classes for youth, teens and adults including women’s kickboxing/self-defense classes.

* Coastside MMA is not a traditional type school. While they have their place, the traditional art forms were developed hundreds ( and some thousands ) of years ago and their techniques are mostly outdated and ineffective. We teach only modern techniques that have proven to work. Our unique method blends striking and grappling into one complete class consisting of hybrid aspects of several combat forms including;

-Karate/Kung Fu
-Submission Wrestling
-Defensive Street Tactics

We believe that no one particular style is more efficient than another but rather each compliments the other. It is individuals who make the difference not styles, methods or ranking systems. We mentor our youth members and maintain an anti-bullying philosophy, striving to provide them with positive measures in dealing with bully’s, as well as avoiding becoming one.

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