At Collective Combat Academy in Sacramento, Calfornia, we focus on teaching students the pure form of the sport. Unfortunately as the sport has become more wide spread, many of it’s original elements often become lost in time. Our trainers strive to teach correct technique and keep the original elements of the sport alive as they have learned them in Thailand. Whether you are a professional fighter looking for quality training or an everyday person looking to lose a few pounds, this is the gym for you.

We offer a Mixed Martial Arts course with Pure Combat Bantamweight Title Holder, Chris “Dark Lotus” David. Chris has a wealth of in-cage experience as well as a long road getting there covering Karate, Wrestling, Judo, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and a degree in Philosophy wholly applied to the curriculum he has developed. Always eager to pass his expertise onto his students, one can see a token of his own coined expression “Be Humble or Be Humbled”. His course focuses on endurance, discipline, and advanced technique. Come check it out today!

First, there was a gym we practiced Muay Thai and had boxing available if wished to pursue. Having these striking arts is what has attracted such grappling sensations as Chris “Dark Lotus” David, just one of several instructors teaching simultaneously, shifting to each station and is the on site training camp for the Pro and Amateur fighters making up the collective construct of knowledge and skill wholly saturating the expansion-seeking minds and to bodies which embrace what is learned in order to dualy demonstrate in both realms one’s expression of self, athletic improvement and cababilities when competing.

Our gym is fully equipped with 1 5/8″ mats for grappling, 7/8” for stand-up striking, a large variety of heavy bags, speed bags, weight machines, free weights, and a boxing ring. Shed some pounds, pack on the pounds, learn how to strike to the ground or get the take down, we’ll show you why we are the best around. With a unique group of instructors illuminated the entire the combative spectrum we have come to not only further develop our own skills to fight, but together make an environment for everyone’s efficient growth and so thus Collective Combat Academy isn’t just a mixture of martial arts, but a movement, a pedigree and a way of life.


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