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Esteem Martial Arts

Esteem Martial Arts in Petaluma, California, offers morning and evening classes for MMA, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu with two separate classes per day devoted to sparring! Owner and head instructor, Michael Stratton, had a vision of opening a Martial Arts school that taught the fastest growing sport in the world (MMA), in a friendly, positive, inviting atmosphere. After countless hours spent planning, preparing and envisioning, it has finally come to fruition. Michael used the experience he received training at different schools, took everything he liked about them, and combined them to create Esteem Martial Arts. E.M.A. offers separate classes for MMA, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and sparring so that you can focus on the individual aspects of mixed martial arts, and put it all together.

The number one goal for Esteem Martial Arts is to maintain a positive atmosphere no matter what the cost. If that means telling certain people that E.M.A. is not the right school for them, than so be it! E.M.A. plans to be around for a long time, running fun, energetic classes where students of all different levels can train and learn together. We’re building a family over here at E.M.A., so please, come join us!

Esteem Martial Arts is located in beautiful Petaluma, and is owned and operated by Michael Stratton. Michael started wrestling when he was twelve years old and excelled in Greco-Roman where he was a multiple time state place winner and a member of the 1999 California junior national team. He began training jiu jitsu in 2005 and is a two time world medalist, achieving a bronze in 2008 and a silver in 2010. Michael also began training MMA in 2005 and is currently licensed in California as a professional MMA fighter. While competing has been a part of his life since his adolescence, he began dreaming about having his own school four years ago while doing some garage training with his best friends, A.J. Bianchi and Matt Dieckmann. “Training and competing is fun, but when I’m teaching is when I’m truly happy. It’s my passion and my true calling in life.” Michael’s goal with Esteem Martial Arts is to build a large team of respectable, well rounded martial artists, who train as much for the therapeutic value as they do for the physical value. “I want us to be a family, I want everyone to know and like everyone else. Anyone who comes in here just to try and prove how tough they are will be asked to leave. If you want to train in a positive, friendly environment, then this is the place for you.”

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  • Joey says:

    Great place to train. Easy going atmosphere with very good instruction. The instructor is a very cool guy and a very good teacher.

  • Ben says:

    Michael Stratton is a phenomenal instructor. He’s got great technique, great defense and an intelligently skilled teacher. You can’t take this guy down. I’ve seen several guys try, but haven’t seen it yet. I want to be the guy to submit him. Maybe after a couple more years…..Thanks Michael.

  • Ben says:

    One more thing, the OPEN GYM on Saturdays is a great way to meet your match! There’s all different levels of athleticism. It’s casual, yet professional. Michael offers private lessons and it’s worth every penny! He genuinely takes his time and makes it look effortless. He mentioned an incentive program to me and I’m taking him up on it. Refer a friend to sign up with Esteem Martial Arts and get a free private lesson! Thanks again Michael, Ben.

  • Sean says:

    What a great place to train! Michael is a great teacher with some awesome skills. I see myself at Esteem Martial Arts for many years to come!

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