KO-MMA is a new mixed martial arts dojo in Monterey Park, California. Some of our students have trained in martial arts at other dojos in the area and come to us with prior experience while other students are brand new at this discipline and start out with the basic techniques. In either case, at KO-MMA, we offer quality mixed martial arts training at affordable prices to kids and adults in the community. We offer a wide range of fighting skills used in mixed martial arts, and have classes for both adults as well as kids.

The fighting sport of Mixed Martial Arts, commonly known as MMA, has grown in popularity in recent years with the increasing restlessness of fighters to break out of the traditional single-styles of training. Mixed Martial Arts takes from the traditional stand up techniques of boxing and Muay Thai. But it doesn’t stop there. It adds to the fighter’s arsenal the ground-and-pound submission techniques of Jiu Jitsu.

At KO-MMA, we offer parents a chance to enroll their children in an activity that can become a hobby, a sport, and a self-defense skill all rolled up into one. More than that, we work with the students to instill respect and discipline – life skills that will help them at whatever tasks they undertake in school and later on in life.

The training is also open to adults who are looking for physical conditioning and skills that apply to sparring in the dojo and real-world fighting situations.

View more techniques from KO-MMA here.

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