Stranglehold (A.K.A. Team Stranglehold) is an international fight club that is based out of Ontario, California.  It was formed for men and women of all ages to study, train, and compete in various Submission Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts events from around the world.  What started off as just two brothers training in a cramped garage back in 2001 has evolved into something much more.  Stranglehold is not just a sports association, but an attitude and a way of life!


  • roman jordan says:

    hey I’m Roman, and I’m interested in MMA, but I can’t find an affordable gym, what are your rates?

  • droc says:

    Hi Roman…please contact this gym directly. Here is the information from their website:

    (1.) If you would like to train and spar with us all we ask is that you donate to a certified non-profit organization to help give back to the community, which something Team Stranglehold believes strongly in. To have unlimited use of our facility we ask that you donate $35/Month, or you can choose to stop by any day for $5/Class.

    (2.) Since we are not a business we do not have the type of money big martial arts studios do, so please do your part each time you come to practice and give what you can so we may purchase needed materials and equipment for operation (i.e.-mats, cleaning supplies such as simple green to sanitize our rolling areas, mouth guards and cups, website costs, etc.)

  • Aurelio C. says:

    Couple of questions for you,

    1. Age limit to who can join?

    2. do you offer, Stand up training(kick/boxing or muay thai) as well as BJJ?

  • jose says:

    hi im jose and im intersted into MMA fighting and i want to see if i can get some info about your gym?

  • droc says:

    Jose, click to their website if you need more info, or better yet contact as well.

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