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The Compound MMA & Fitness

The Compound MMA and Fitness is Oceanside, California’s premier mixed martial arts training facility.  We offer MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and more. The Compound is not your typical fitness gym- we don’t have weight machines or nautilus equipment. Instead, we provide the tools of an old school, hard core workout that produces results and builds skills. Our primary objective is to help our clients reach their goals. Whether you want to get in shape with our conditioning classes or learn specific techniques, we have the trainers and equipment to get it done. The best part is that we do it all in a zero ego environment.

We’ve upped our game when it comes to training. Anyone can make you sweat and feel like you had a workout. Our classes will push you to your limits physically and mentally. Your mind will be trained as well, because what the mind believes, the body will achieve. Come in and try a free day of classes…no obligation. We know you won’t be disappointed.

At The Compound…we train like it matters.


  • 8 year vet says:

    I have heard horrible stories about how the gym is not clean and is constantly spreading Ring Worm and Staff. I have also heard stories of members signing up and getting screwed over on their contracts. DON’T SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THEM.

    I don’t recommend The Compound to anyone. For North County San Diego, check out LA Boxing, Dojo America, but the best of all should be Team Quest in Oceanside coming soon.

  • truth says:

    8 Yr Vet heard? What a foolish thing to do, put your voice out there on someone’s word. 8 Year vet needs to go to The Compound and seek the truth. I can bet 8 yr Vet is just another person out there who works for or owns another MMA Gym and is trying to turn people off. It’s not working 8 yr vet, The Compound is running strong! Know this the more you bash, the bigger the gym gets. People seek the truth and go to The Compound and find it. Also, they support all other gyms in the area. They tell people to go and try other gyms first. They also will not allow anyone to just join. They want to make sure the person wants to train there. So they have to try a few classes for FREE and feel good with the gym before they can sign up. Anyone who reads this, swing by the gym and see for yourself. If you choose to listen to someone who “hears” things, your choice. You’ll be missing out on training at a nice, friendly, clean and ego free gym.

  • raymond says:

    Ok truth. Basically all the reviews for the compound are negative. I bet you work or own the compound. I promise you that the gyms reputation is not a good one. The compound. Pfftttt….
    All they care about is money. How about you guys put some heart into it!

  • MMAfan1265 says:

    So I have been to quite a few gyms now and it’s funny how all these reviews seem like gym owners. Either trying to build their gym up or bring another gym down. Here’s my take on this gym and i’ve reviewed a few all over the country and im from the east coast so im unbiased: The MMA and Grappling program run by Sean Loeffler and the Strength and Conditioning program run by Andy are by far the strong points of this gym. The gym seems clean and they have alot of well trained fighters out of there. Not alot of down sides, but i do wish that the kickboxing class was bigger and I didn’t get a chance to meet the wrestling or boxing coach. For the most part solid gym. By the way Sean walked me through class and didnt even offer to sign me up he just gave me a free t-shirt and sticker. So I dont think he cares about money. Wasn’t a fan of the cement walls it got really cold, but what can you do, where a sweatshirt in winter. There’s my honest gym review! Worth checking out this gym!

  • matrat4life says:

    Trained at this gym before my last bjj tourny! Straight up the grappling coach Sean Loeffler is crazy good. He is a mad scientist on the ground and I now know why they call him “The Destroyer”. Tapped me with a move he called “the Holocaust” where he had a whole series based on it with moves like “the gas chamber”, “secret police” and the “anti adolph neck crank”. Not for the faint of heart Sean is pretty gnarly and fun to talk to, out there to say the least, but in a good way. As for the gym it seemed cool actually cold it was winter though, but was only there for rolling in afternoon! Shit, I dont know he gave me free water. lol. Oh one complaint I had to wear pink sandals into their bathrooms-no joke! But nice gym for the most part, but the mats were really cold since its a big cement building so when “the destroyer” put me in the “torture chamber” I thought I was gonna die cuz the mats felt like concrete hahaha. Check it out if you want to be challenged!

  • KArnold says:

    The gym is ok but don’t sign a contract! The owners aren’t MMA enthusiasts or experts their just in it for the money and will screw you over if they get the chance. I have trained at 7 gyms here in San Diego County and I’m going to recommend staying away from The Compound MMA.

  • keepitclean says:

    Horrible place to sign up, the owner Sean Loeffler was hitting on me the whole and made feel really uncomfortable being there, he is a total pig. My boyfriend tried out some classes there and got ring worm, classes were okay nothing special. Would not recommend. For the money you can find something better.

  • MMAPD says:

    Current police officer was looking to join an MMA gym in Oceanside with my wife and 7 year old daughter. The gym itself was good, could have been cleaner, classes were also okay but I wanted to know about the owner since my wife and daughter would be spending a lot of time there, after doing a simple criminal record check (which is free to the public) I found that Mr. Loeffler had an extensive criminal record which included many domestic violence orders against different females and some facts involving a minor.I would not leave my two important females with this guy.

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