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UFC Gym- Concord

The first UFC GYM has launched on June 17, 2009 in Concord, California.  Located in the Willows Shopping Center.  Welcome to the ultimate fitness experience. Announcing UFC GYM- Concord, CA! Take the World’s top MMA icon, The Ultimate Fighting Championship™, blend it with the Ultimate Fitness Center, and you get the UFC Gym. It’s a dynamic, high energy, MMA and fitness training center that will redefine the way you get results! UFC Gyms will feature:

  • Premiere fitness & cardio equipment
  • Group class programming
  • Personal training
  • Private MMA training
  • Octagon discipline instruction
  • UFC Kid’s Gym
  • The Arm Bar
  • Full locker rooms

We are not just bringing the worlds of MMA and Fitness together, we are taking them to a whole new level.  This first of its kind training center will offer three unique exercise studios, an octagon training area, a large selection of resistance and cardiovascular equipment, The Arm bar, UFC Gym shop, full locker room amenities with dry saunas and a one of a kind kids gym.

Group Fitness
Join the best instructors for heart pumping, dynamic group fitness classes.  Choose from a full range of classes, including cycling, extreme cardio conditioning, shadow boxing, weight training, kickboxing, abs, core workouts, flexibility and more.  Whether something familiar or something new, these exciting group fitness classes will provide a fun and challenging workout, all with a little UFC Gym flavor.

Private MMA Training
Experience the rush of entering an actual UFC Octagon.  Professionally instructed programs will be based on each individual’s skill set and include the full range of mixed martial arts disciplines:  kickboxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and more.  Whether in a small group or 1-on-1, Octagon training will be like nothing you have experienced before.

Personal Training
Whether your goal is to lose weight, compete in your first triathlon, get your 6 pack abs back, UFC GYM will personalize a program to get you there.  Personal Training programs at UFC GYM incorporate strength, core, flexibility and balance training, cardio conditioning and cutting edge nutrition software.  The personal trainers at the UFC GYM are all certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the industry leader in scientifically based fitness solutions, so you know yo uwill get results safely and effectively.

Group Dynamic Training
Our highly skilled and knowledgeable MMA Instructors will provide technique and conditioning training for all mixed martial arts disciplines and for all levels.  Whether you want to learn self defense fundamentals, effective striking, how to take it to the ground or just train like your favorite UFC athelete.

  • chris pouncey says:

    my name is chris pouncey iam 18 years old i have been training for eight years in moi tie and kick boxing and reckoromeman i went state on my school wreasting team iam just looking for a good gym to train at cause i want to go pro i got power in will i live in carrabelle FL 32322 my number is 850-519-8495 my email is [email protected] thank you

  • Walter Garcia says:

    hey i want to know how much are the private trainings i am 16 and for this summer i have been working out but i dont believe i am reaching my weight loss goal; please conntact me i woould really like to sign up at the gym thanks.

  • droc says:

    Hi Walter

    Please contact UFC Gym directly if you would like to sign up. All the info is above bro!

  • wes says:

    3. No Sparring of any kind allowed in the gym

    that is a real rule. You would be better off taking dance. Because at least that way you don’t have to worry about all the tap out shirt wearing spiked hair idiots who watch never back down once a day, Who train so they can define themselves as fighters because they need to feel like tough guys.
    sad truly sad. This gym shouldn’t even be on this website.

  • jacob says:

    listen, the gym is a great place to train and lose weight; however, if it is a true competition aspect that you are seeking, you should go somewhere else, as fighting is not permintted, even on the sparring level
    (im 16, and the gym is great for cardio and learning fighting techniques, but is lacking in letting you test your skills).

  • brian says:

    That may be the best message Ive ever read>>so funny and so true!
    is the no sparring a real rule?

  • yes the no sparring is a real rule… this is the worst gym ever… its just glits and glam… they have some of the best equipment ive ever seen at gym… and a huge cage in the middle of the building… a cage you cant get in without a private instructor… and the most contact they allow is you learning how to catch a kick… two thumbs down…

  • CAIN says:

    Just depends on how often you want to spar. Best equipment, conditioning classes, cage and all that… and really cool people/staff. But if you’re wanting to spar like 2-3 times or more a week, you’d have to go spar/pay for that also, elsewhere.
    But for what it is, the jiu-Jitsu is awesome and the same if not better than you’d find anywhere else, but if you want the full contact stand up on a regular basis… You’d need to supplement your training there with sparring at another gym they can recommend.

    The haters are people that have never actually trained there… that probably just stuck up their nose without getting to know the place because they want to feel as tough by talking it down that THEY’RE the real tough guys, etc… just go try it out for yourself, I’m a member. I love it, and still spar at other gyms as often as I want.

  • bobby silver says:

    hi if you want a good gym to get fit or for mma fighting the best gym is gracies they go hard but get ready to get your ass kicked because they play hard ive been going there for 2 years now and im doing amture fighting so its a really good gym. thanks god bless

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