Verretts MMA, located in Brentwood, California, offers fitness and martial arts instruction for all ages in Cardio Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA); we are the proud home of Team Verrett. We also offer Verrett’s Kenpo, a comprehensive system of Martial Arts developed to meet the Self Defense needs of the individual in today’s society. Encompassing both empty hands and weapon defense techniques used by the old Chinese Masters, Verrett’s Kenpo addresses various types of self-defense situations that may confront the average adult and youngster.

Verrett’s Kenpo is a fast and powerful systems of self-defense designed to successfully defend against single or multiple assailants. The first defense techniques of Verrett’s Kenpo are taught in a dance-like set of movements called Forms. These basic defensive techniques are taught in the students’ self-defense applications from the first lesson. Students are encouraged to practice on a regular basis to instill quick reaction to attack.

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