Otomi Martial Arts in Parker, Colorado, is the premier martial arts school in the nation, guiding individuals from all walks of life and age groups to reach their full potential. The curriculum at Otomi is an eclectic blend of leading martial arts styles that places strong emphasis on valuable life skills and lessons. The result of which is a higher student achievement as a direct result of higher personal and martial standards.

Otomi Martial arts is a community based environment offering Children’s and Family Programs, along with Adult programs in Karate, Weapons, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Colorado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai (Muay Thai of Colorado). The”product of the product” is a number one priority at Otomi Martial Arts. With this in mind, we have brought the best instructors.

Ranulfo Gonzalez, 6th Dan Black Belt, Shihan, founded The Otomi System. Mr.Gonzalez is a nationally recognized martial trainer, speaker, business coach and practitioner. Mr. Gonzalez was greatly influenced by these experiences , but wanted a system that not only addressed the self-defense and physical aspects of the art, but also the internal character development of Martial Arts as well as the strong bonds of community and family.

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