The Defense Institute, with locations in Colorado Springs and now Fort Carson, is one of the largest, most well-equipped facilities in Colorado, which makes it the only place to train. Are you interested in learning to defend yourself against muggings, multiple attackers, weapons attacks (knife, stick, and firearms), and trained fighters (like boxers and grapplers)? Or would you like to learn edged and impact weapons tactics, joint manipulation and limb destruction techniques, throws and takedowns, striking techniques or ground fighting tactics? If your answer to either question, or both, is “yes” you have come to the right place. Vee-Arnis-Jujitsu covers it all.

Our newest location located in Fort Carson/Fountain offers a state of the art 6,400 square foot training facility, located in the old KMart building on Highway 85/87. With two mats to run classes on and with 24-hour access available to our fitness center, you’ll never lack for something to do here at anytime of the day or night.

For ease of locating us please enter the parking lot at the Wendy’s and drive straight back to the south side of the large building in front of you. You should see our awning. If you think these pictures look good, wait until you see it in person.


  • Craig Nelson says:

    The Defense Institute is a family friendly gym that offers top notch training in self defense, teaching the Vee Arnis Jiu Jitsu system, a street style that isn’t pretty but IS devastatingly effective. The instructors are Sensei Eric LaLone and Shihan John Petrone. Both are highly effective and well trained, with multiple black belts and something like 40 years experience between them. Also offered are classes in fitness type kickboxing, kids classes at different experience levels, and MMA classes for those wanting to train/fight in Mixed Martial Arts. The fight team is called The Viper Pit, and there is even a Junior Viper Pit fight team. My 3 kids have trained there for 8 years, and I would recommend them to anyone, young or old, for whatever level of fitness or self defense you wish to achieve.

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