Capoeira, a brazilian martial art, a dance and a game. Come and see for yourself, first class is free! Capoeira is engaged in at clubs, schools and on the streets, as a sport involving physical training in preparation for participation in a capoeira circle, called roda, where two practitioners stage a combative bout in nimble movements, fascinating in their beauty and form.  There are no hard and fast rules, yet it does follow a characteristic protocol, with its own music, in which the instrument that sets the tempo and drives the performance inside the circle is the musical bow or berimbau.

Practitioners wear articles of clothing – ribbons, sashes or robes- to indicate their stage of development in capoeira. There are always master (mestres) present, teaching and guiding all progress in the sport.

The music clearly shows the ludic value of the sport- perhaps its most enduring feature- but also brings out a very large dance component, albeit subordinated to the business of eluding and outwitting one’s partner/opponent. In this we see the martial component which entails bodily contact, but not necessarily victor and vanquished. By binding together these elements of sport, music, dance, martial skills and joyful camaraderie, capoeura comprises one of the most opulent manifestations of brazilian culture.

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