Fifth Dimension Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (FDBJJ) in Milford, Connecticut, offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), fitness, and mixed martial arts training programs. Students can train to enter sports grappling tournaments, mixed martial arts contests (MMA), or just train for physical fitness and self defense purposes.

Our Training Programs are dynamic and promote fighter education, physical ability, and technical growth. We are dedicated to helping you become a great martial artist. Every martial arts student is unique and we use technology to help transfer information to students with different learning styles, physical ability, and prior martial arts experience.

Students participate in sparring and rolling according to their skill level and training objectives. Technical drilling, rolling, and flow fighting are an important part of training at FDBJJ. All students must master the technical aspects of BJJ and striking at their level prior to advancing to the next level of training.

What makes our school special, and one of the best in the state, is that we put all our effort and energy into building a world class training program for our students. At FDBJJ, we will work hard to help you reach your goals. Our teachers will exceed your expectations in both technical and teaching ability. It is our goal to become Connecticut’s premier training program for BJJ and MMA students.

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