Giroux Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Glastonbury is the only Connecticut affiliate of RCJ Machado under Carlos Machado & BJJ America under David Meyer/Brian Johnson. You will learn solid fundamentals from a curriculum that blueprints what is expected to progress as a student. Techniques, strategies, and application are all included and help you to build your skills in a logical order.

– Our focus is on the art of BJJ, building functional (not fancy) self defense skills, physical fitness, and making great friends on the mat. Are you looking for a way to get in shape but hate the monotony of the gym? We have you covered! While you learn this a totally unique martial art you will build lean muscle, lose fat, boost your cardio, and get back flexibility.

– We are not a competition school. Our intensity level is a notch down from academies that solely focus on tournaments. We train hard and rolling does get competitive with the right partner…but we let go of the worry about the scorecard in lieu of working whatever it is we are trying to improve.

– This club is a small group of good guys. Most classes are under 10 students in attendance. All students have the option to arrange a monthly private lesson with Coach Jeff Giroux as part of their monthly membership. So the bottom line is you get loads of personalized attention. Add that to the structured curriculum and you now know why our students get really good really fast.

– This is not an academy where you will feel intimidated. We have a friendly & helpful mat culture. We are NOT an MMA gym. We are NOT a huge school where you are just a number. We do NOT require you to sign a contract that binds you to payments even if you can not continue to train. We encourage learning from everyone including other schools and styles. Come on down and check it out…you won’t be disappointed.

Our adult program is for men and women of all ages. No experience is needed. The only requirements are an open mind & and a commitment to being a good training partner. Students are expected to attend training regularly in order to advance. Get in great shape and learn self-defense skills that could save your life! A typical workout involves warm-up, positional drills, the lesson of the class, and drilling and/or sparring w/ partners.

ALL students train with a resisting partner from day 1. Resistance starts low and increases as the student progresses. Drilling is stage 1 and free sparring (aka grappling) starts once you have completed the “Basic 24″ classes and drilled positional controls, escapes, & submissions. Safety is priority #1…why slam each other around if you don’t know the techniques. That type of training tends to build bad habits. We have you learn the basics and then use them live!

As a UFAF school we have a long history training with the Machado brothers since the early 1990s. We are affiliated with RCJ Machado under Carlos Machado as well as members of BJJ America under David Meyer, John Will, and Brian Johnson. Periodically throughout the year we host these and other black belt instructors to share their knowledge and experience. Don’t miss out! Get on the mat and start having fun.

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