Modern Self-Defense Center (MSDC) has been in Middletown, Connecticut since 2002, and is a member of the Harris International Grappling Association and the Harris International Jeet Kune Do/ French, Filipino, and Indonesian Martial Arts Association. MSDC seeks to bring elite instruction and progressive training methods to the Central Connecticut area. We currently offer instruction in  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (gi and no-gi), Jeet Kune Do, Boxe Francaise Savate (french kickboxing), and Mixed Martial Arts.

MSDC’s sprawling 7,000 square foot facility is filled with enough toys to be a jungle gym for grownups, with kettlebells, climbing ropes, free weights, punching bags, speed bags, double end bags, jump ropes, jumpsoles, sticks, blades, goggles, redguns, 1,000 square feet of mat space, enough boxing gloves to equip an army, and much, MUCH more!

We welcome beginners at all times. The Modern Self-Defense Center is a unique environment: the instruction is professional and of the highest level, the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, and the training is top-notch. MSDC is the ideal place to train, whether your needs are short-term or you want to begin a healthy endeavor that you can pursue for decades.

We encourage you to click to our website above and see what programs we offer will pique your interest. You are always invited to come and watch our classes, ask questions, and try anything that looks exciting.¬†Whether you have years of previous experience or none at all, whether you are already in great shape or you want to be, if you’re looking for no-nonsense answers and elite instruction and training, you have come to the right place.

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