C.C. Corey Jiu-Jitsu & MMA in Palatka, Florida, is the only martial art school in Putnam County that teaches real self-defense and fighting techniques. At C.C. Corey jiu-Jitsu, we believe that actions speak louder than words, especially in an industry that has many want-a-be’s, frauds and con-artists masquerading as martial arts instructors.

We don’t have to pay other martial arts schools to live of off their names. When you train here you learn from someone who has been teaching jiu-jitsu and MMA for 17 years, not from someone who took a weekend crash course from a big name school and now thinks he’s qualified to teach it. Ask any of the so-called jiu-jitsu and MMA instructors in Putnam County to show you proof of their personal students winning any jiu-jitsu or MMA matches.

Head Instructor C.C. Corey holds a 3rd degree black belt in Kawashi jiu-Jitsu under the late Gerrard Patalidis and a 1st degree black belt in Jeet Kune Do under Bob Chapman. He has taught classes in jiu-jitsu, MMA, and self-defense for over 17 years.

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