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Evolution Martial Arts & Fitness

Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Center is by far the most well-equipped MMA School in Miami. In our gym you will be training on Olympic quality training mats (cleaned daily with hospital grade disinfectant), we also have a full-sized professional Octagon, a dedicated Muay Thai and Boxing heavy bag area, and a fully equipped weight training area.

When we constructed our school we wanted a place where students could come and have a well-rounded workout without having to leave and go somewhere else. That is why we came up with the idea to put a fully equipped gym in our facility, so that our students wouldn’t have to pay for two memberships and waste gas going elsewhere.

Our instructors are all experts in their field, with extensive hours of training in their respective discipline. Our carefully structured curriculum ensures that all of our students progress at the most efficient rate possible. They have worked with many well respected agencies, and dedicated time to teach many people. They will strive to provide 100% of their knowledge to help you reach your goals, whether they are to get into shape, build your confidence, or become a professional MMA fighter, rest assured they will help you in every way possible to achieve them!

At our academy we strictly enforce a NO EGO, NO POLITICS, environment. Many people have a common misconception of mixed martial arts, they think it is pure brutality. Well, I can tell you that they are wrong. These fighters that you see on TV are trained professionals, what you are watching is a strategic chess match being played. Another common misconception is that you have to get bloody noses, broken bones, etc… to learn this sport. We offer professional training, with the student’s safety as our number one priority. We understand that many people cannot afford to wear a black eye to work and for that reason, the student chooses the level in which they feel comfortable engaging in.

The first decision that you have to make is when to schedule your first FREE private lesson. One of our friendly staff members will help you find a time which is most convenient for you.


  • Casey says:


  • Pedro says:

    LOL it’s not too hard to be better than ATT Doral! ATT DORAL SUCKS! I’m going to visit Tough Academy next time I am in Miami.

  • Jose says:

    Pedro, don’t bother! This place simply blows. I stopped by there from ATT Doral and it was actually worse! If you haven’t been by ATT Doral, then you can’t appreciate how bad that is………… cell phones anyone????

    Evolution had some real iffy looking instructors teaching… they had a black belt who was legit but the other instructors…. well…. they had no clue. One instructor was trying to teach a toe hold and had the totally wrong grip but was still trying to teach it as if… and he naturally was stuck and couldn’t finish the sub while teaching it, so after 2 minutes of having it wrong, he realized his mistake, and corrected himself and tried to joke his way out of it….. it was my first day in class but even I knew it looked wrong.

    The other instructor throw their punches like tkd guys with their hands down and not rotating their punches, hitting with vertical fists, etc. They have a kickboxing coach but God knows what his so-called credentials are, based on the instructors, I’m not too impressed. I think he is one of these american kickboxing (point karate basically) guys….. not ideal for real self-defense.

    There were so many other things that were funky about my two days over there but we’ll leave it at this. 1/2 a star out of 5………….. yep, that bad.

    Check out Gracie Miami with Pedro Valente.

  • Alex V. says:

    i had a similar experience as jose. not with the instructor so much teaching the wrong thing, that is funny, but that i tapped out my instructor in our first roll! i only had like three months of training and was looking for another school. i came here and in my first roll i tapped out the instructor!

    it wasnt that i got lucky, i dominated the roll. i couldnt believe how weak the instructors skills was. an instructor should have enough knowledge to tap out a newbie. he made a bunch of comments afterwards about how i was a natural, and that i was very strong, etc. too bad i have rolled with good grapplers before and know how bad this guy was. i never went back.

    and i didnt do the striking class but it was finishing as i was waiting in the waiting room and it did look very karate-ish and i dont mean that in a good way. the hands were down, they were throwing leg kicks the same way you would throw body kicks (leg kicks are supposed to be thrown differently), no real muay thai technique. my overall impression is that this is a fanboy school, riding on the whole ultimate fighting fad on spike.

  • David Kerner says:

    I have been to most of the gyms in town and none of them come close to Evolution. If you want to get in shape or compete…you need to go there and try it out

  • David Burnham says:

    A great gym, a great facility and these guys know there stuff. Their customer service and profesionalism is beyond what I have experienced anywhere else. Over the past 20 years, I have been a member at several Gyms in the Miami area and I have tried several others. By far the Evolution offers the best.

  • Jim R. says:

    I would recommend Evolution to anyone who trains in the Miami area. The facility is well maintained and coaches, trainers and students work together to ensure that everyone is reaching their potential and meeting or exceeding their individual goals whether going pro or just staying in shape and self defense.

  • Michael trujillo says:

    I been to several gyms and felt like I was in a stand still when I came to evolution I started to improve everywhere my cardio striking technique and takedown and ground work. I fight for evolution undefeated amateur record 3-0 tonight I will be making it 4-0 at the hardrock. Great coaches and mentors at evolution. Great fight team. Good hands on coaches

  • I come from California where we take our training and fighting serious. We train to learn the sport and excel within it. I visited a number of gyms while in Miami and I found Evolution Martial Arts & Fitness to have the necessary skills and training I was looking for.
    I was very impressed with the instructors knowledge and experience in the sport and was impressed with a few techniques he was able to teach me that I had never seen in Cali. Thank you for your hard work and I can promise you I will be back soon. This is a 5 STAR training center.

  • junior crassco says:

    the place is sucks and thats why i will not go back there. the couch is a black belt from who ? i tap him out in less than a month that i was there and im just a blue belt!!!!

  • Travis Frew says:

    Best MMA gym in Miami. Extremely affordable. Instructors are great and the classes are very fun and available to those even with the most not-so-flexible schedules. I had lost twenty-five pounds in the first month of my training two or three days a week. Never felt better and I would recommend to anyone!

  • I train at Evolution, and I say it is a top-notch place. When I read these comments saying “i tapped out the instructor” and all that… well, I’m calling B.S. on that. Come tap me out. And I’m not an instructor.

    Evolution has a great facility, and has great instructors. That’s why I train there. You should too. Period.

  • Santino Cherry says:

    Um very mixed reviews here but im going tonight and ill give my very best review. TTYL!

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