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At Gracie Tampa, the best place to train in MMA in Tampa Bay, our method of self-defense instruction was developed to insure that students could defend themselves in a real fight. Gracie Tampa recently built a new, state-of-the-art training facility, located on Nebraska Avenue, just north of Fletcher Ave. We also just opened a second school in South Tampa (Gracie Tampa South)!  Come in to visit one of our premiere training facilities and try one free week! There is absolutely no obligation.  The North Tampa school has two training rooms with 1,700 square feet of mat space.

One of the rooms also has a collection of training and conditioning equipment, including heavy bags, Strong Man-sized tire, speed bag, training dummies, hanging rings, mechanical stretchers, fitness balls, jump ropes, punch mitts, training pads, an airdyne bike and rower, along with free weights and a Versaclimber. Gracie Tampa even has it own fenced and fully-padded Training Cage.

No matter what your age or physical condition, with us, you will learn how to use leverage and technique to successfully defeat a larger opponent. You don’t have to be in great shape. You don’t need to be big and strong, and you don’t need prior martial arts experience before you can benefit. One of the major advantages of Jiu-Jitsu is that it really works for everyone. Bring the whole family to our school. Jiu-Jitsu is also effective as a method of self-defense for women and children.

Put it to the test. Reading about Jiu-Jitsu is one thing, but nothing compares to the experience of even one lesson. Come in and Try One Free Week! There is absolutely no obligation. As an added bonus, the self-confidence you’ll gain from learning Jiu-Jitsu may actually make you less likely to be targeted for an attack, and that’s priceless!


  • Midget says:

    Absolute BEST training in Tampa! Gracie Tampa has an AWARD winning children’s program (ages 3+) and holds the title of having the ONLY school in Tampa to put SEVEN fighters into the UFC! World Class, top notch instruction, a knowledgeable and professional staff, and a family friendly atmosphere. If you want the best, come to Gracie Tampa!!

  • Sean Duncan says:

    Excellent teachers and classes. Great experience for adults and kids.

  • Curry says:

    The BEST KIDS PROGRAM in Tampa and the most wonderful Coaches Cris Rodriguez and Stephaine Eggink.They have done an extremely good job training my son in BJJ, wrestling, boxing, & most importantly good sportsmanship.

  • US Army Combative School says:

    As a combative instrctor we have to look for the best training out there in order to provide the rest of the Army with the best fighting techniques.We get that training at Gracie Tampa,the staff at GT understand the importance of our training and always open the doors for every combative instructor in the Army.

  • Paul Piccione says:

    I Love Gracie Tampa. They have the best teachers in the area. I was aprehensive at first about going to an MMA school, but after my first BJJ class i was hooked. Everyone was so friendly and happy to help you learn. I recommend Gracie Tampa to anyone that has an interest in the sport.

  • Rick Depianta says:

    Outstanding personal service. Classes are tailored to the up and coming fighter and beginner alike. Youth program is second to none. Classes range from conditioning to full mma striking and grappling. My two children are in the youth program and benefit from the exercise and discipline. Highly recommended to anyone looking to enter mma or just get in shape.

  • Nina says:

    My son has been going to this gym for 9 months now. My son is a typical 8 year old boy — short attention span (check). I have been amazed with this gym from the very first day. Not only are the coaches fabulous with the kids, but as the kids progress and “help” with the younger and “newbie” kids — the respect that the kids show towards the newer/younger kids is amazing.

    For me, its not that I ever want my son to fight, but I want him to have the discipline and respect that go with this sport. Gracie Tampa and it’s staff teach discipline, teach respect and do it with a level of patience that I have not found in other youth activities.

    Whether 3 or 13, this is the gym for your kid(s).

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