Naja Muay Thai in Winter Park, Florida, is one of the only traditional Muay Thai gyms in central Florida. Along with Muay Thai we also provide Judo and Submission Grappling.  We take pride in being traditionalists. We do not teach “freestyle” ways or techniques, only proven offense and defense carried over centuries in our specific arts.

Naja Muay Thai is a “Minimal Contract” gym. We understand the hardships of day to day life, and we have no intention of binding the student unnecessarily. Therefore we only put forth a minimum three month contract, unlike other gyms with annual contracts. Providing a year is paid in advance one month is FREE!

Memberships include unlimited access to the gym and attendance of appropriate classes. With the first month the proper uniform is required for purchase.

Muay Thai only = $100/mo
Killer Cardio only = $50/mo
Judo only = $60/mo (adults), $40/mo (kids)

Please inquire in regards to multiple Martial Arts.

****Memberships include unlimited access to the gym and attendance of appropriate classes.

Kids Muay Thai

Naja Muay Thai Kobra Kids begin by developing important tools such as focus, balance and coordination. The drills involve basic and fundemental Muay Thai techniques and a lot of physical exercise. Most of the time the drills are game oriented and loads of fun, which the children love.

* Increased strength and fitness in both body and mind

* Increased self-respect

* Courage

* Staying power

* Self-control

* Improved focus

* Fearless self-confidence

Junior Muay Thai

Naja Muay Thai Juniors program includes intense drills in a strict diciplenary setting. Forward progress is continuous and our students remain interested, they also develop consistency and discipline over time. At a time when our young adults face difficulties growing up and other hormonal developments, Naja Muay Thai Juniors program positively helps them keep things balanced and less stressful. More importantly, having obtained important self-defense and fitness skills from us, they ultimately achieve self-confidence and a good sense of respect for all things and persons around them.

Muay Thai Novice/Intermediate

Novice and Intermediate Muay Thai we cover the fundementals of hand, elbow, and knee strikes, as well as kicks. As a novice student progresses to intermediate combinations and “out of sequence striking” is taught and drilled. Along with these techniques there will be certain conditioning drills and excercises that cater to the art and sport of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Advanced

Advanced Muay Thai class is by invite only. This class is normally attended by professional and amateur fighters and certain students with a proven work ethic.


  • Jenna Den says:

    I would not recomend using this gym due to the fact that Joshua Glover is a woman abuser. So if you do not want your kids trained by someone like this I would choose another gym.

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