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Shihan Larry Nichols began training in martial arts in order to defend himself from the neighborhood teenagers during his seventh and eighth grade years. Larry’s’ father decided to enroll him into a local Karate School.  Larry excelled in Karate and his parents began to see dramatic improvement and self-confidence in him.  Shihan Larry Nichols began his training in 1983 in Jacksonville, Florida.  He trained under various instructors for nearly four years and received multiple belts under the different instructors.  After leaving Tae Kwon Do, Shihan Larry Nichols has trained in various forms of martial arts including Aikido, Jujutsu, Tae-Kwon-Do, Shotokan, Wing Chung Kung-Fu, Some Judo, Tamashiwari, and Tuitte.  In addition to the training he received, he read multiple books in addition to attending FCCJ.  In the fall of 1988,  Nichols, began his goal to create his own system of Karate, Nido Jutsu Karate.  Nichols began the creation process for Nido Jutsu Karate in December 1988.

Shihan Larry Nichols is currently a 7th degree black belt and is a Master Instructor for Nido Jutsu Karate and has attained the title of Shihan, Nichols philosophy has mirrored the late Bruce Lee’s philosophy “Absorb what is useful, and discard the rest.”  Shihan Nichols followed the same path as Bruce Lee by mixing the styles. . Shihan Larry Nichols was ridiculed and faced opposition about mixing the different forms of martial arts instead of remaining in one style.  Shihan Larry Nichols began to take what he had learned from training and reading materials and began to systematically create, revise, change, and discard ineffective techniques.

In 1989, Larry Nichols graduated from Terry Parker high school, and began teaching in the Duval County school system in the fall of 1989.  He began teaching in the extended day program, and crossed over into the community education program in the Duval county area.

As Shihan Nichols continued to advance in his karate training and working on his new style Nido Jutsu, Shihan Larry Nichols realized he needed a new master teacher to sponsor and back him. His former Master Teacher from Jacksonville, Florida would not acknowledge the new Nido Jutsu style.

In 1994, he found Master Kang Rhee, founder of the organization WBBB (World Black Belt Bureau) who agreed to sponsor and to teach him.  In 1995, Larry Nichols left his former master teacher and joined Master Kang Rhee’s School.  In December 1995, Master Kang Rhee promoted Larry Nichols to master level in order to begin the finalization of his system  Nido Jutsu Karate, literally translated to “Way of my technique.”  Shihan Nichols created Nido Jutsu which includes a massive curriculum and program in place spelling out how the system works, its structure, advancement format, logos, and an instructors training program.

Shihan Nichols has been featured three times in the Florida Times Union, twice for a fundraising events breaking 100 boards in 45 seconds and community involvement.  Shihan Larry Nichols was featured once more in July 2004 for protecting his fellow coworker and store patrons from a potential robbery attempt by a shotgun wielding assailant..

In 2002, Shihan Larry Nichols was promoted to Sixth Degree black belt by Master Kang Rhee. In 2007 Shihan Nichols joined Shidoshi Geoffrey Spohn  who has taken  the responsibility of the sponsorship of Nido Jutsu and the Shihan’s training.  In May 2008, Shidoshi Geofrey Spohn promoted Shihan Larry Nichols to Seventh Degree through the World Elite Black Belt Society.  Shihan Larry Nichols has four Instructors who teach in the Beaches, Mandarin and Arlington Locations.


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