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XFC Fitness Center

XFC Fitness Center in Brandon, Florida, has been teaching in the Tampa Bay area for over seven years. Owners Tom Quigley and Lisa Tzilvelis would like to invite you to come visit their newly renovated facility! This vast center is the largest in central Florida composing of 9,000 square feet, which includes a new 800 square foot weight room, boxing arena, fighting cage, matt area and a new small pro shop.

The XFC FITNESS CENTER’s pride and joy lies within their MMA School managed by Derek Schiffer who is also the head instructor, offering instruction in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Full MMA Cardio, and strength and conditioning training. Derek is a brilliant BJJ instructor, D1 wrestler and a pro fighter who is highly regarded in the MMA circuit. With Derek, the XFC progresses forward with confidence! Derek HYBRID BJJ ranking system for NO GI gives our students the edge and ability to combine wrestling and BJJ for well rounded competition.

When you compare our training to personal trainers in the area you can see the true value. Personal trainers comand $75 per hour to whip you in shape. At XFC it only costs around $8 per class when you look at the math. You cannot train anywhere, learn a skill and be in a better atmosphere for the money.. Compared to hobbies such as fishing, golf, or sports as competitive soccer or hockey which can cost up to $4,500.00 per year. Training MMA at our school is extremely affordable and a GOOD DEAL!

At XFC you train side by side with some of the best athletes in the world. Our training and facility is much different than GYMS that you join just to build muscle. WE are a school where you learn a skill. We promote healthy cardio type activity that gets your blood pumping through your body and makes you feel ALIVE. Some of members can attest to fighting battles that pro fighters dont face but average people like you and your family may. We have members who have fought off Diabetes, depression and liver disease.

It has been said that Jui Jitsu promotes some of the best spinal health you can experience due to the movement and stretching that you do during training. The cardio work outs will challenge you and keep things exciting and fun. Most people don’t train or drop out because they dont enjoy it. Here at XFC we pride ourselves on giving our members a way to get in shape and have fun while they are doing it.


  • Will Gibson says:

    What would the price range to get training?

  • droc says:

    Hi Will

    Please visit XFC’s website directly for information on pricing!

  • Shonce says:

    A guy from your gym challenged me to a fight in the street and i told him i would rather fight under controlled circumstances…without police involved…so if someone could contact me at 813-298-8189 I would love to fight your fighter. Regardless of weight difference i dont have a problem fighting your person. Please contact me as soon as possible ty.

    Shonce Silas
    [email protected]

  • alexis says:

    ur website takes me else where can i get info on cost and trainng

  • droc says:


    Try the new link above. Apparently, the gym has changed ownership, and has a new website.

  • Matthew says:

    I visited this gym (24 April 2012) today and it apears to have gone out of business. The phone has also been disconnected.

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