Here at Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, we tailor our programs to meet our members’ needs. We recognize that each of our members have a different learning curve. Some are able to catch on quickly, whereas others need a little extra practice to reinforce the techniques we teach. Additionally, we realize, for various reasons, some members may miss a few classes and may need to do some catching up. For these reasons, we will be implementing a new type of training program geared towards our members needs.

Every Monday through Friday, we will have at least one “beginners” class. These classes are systematically designed to allow our coaches to evaluate each student’s progress. Through our daily training and exercises, we will be able to evaluate technique, flexibility, strength and muscle endurance of each student.

Our coaches will ensure that before a student is allowed to move up to more advanced classes that he/she is provided with the tools necessary and is able to utilize the proper techniques before being moved to the next level. We are also mindful that some students may not want to move up to advanced classes and may want to maintain and perfect their technique in the basic classes. Our revamped program allows for this.

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