Freestyle Martial Arts Academy at the DOJO in Kailua-Kona is the only school to have participated (so far) in this exceptional program from West Hawaii and only one of three schools in all of the State of Hawaii. Our unique curriculum is rooted in personal and character development, developmental psychology, the use of non-violence to resolve conflicts (verbal boundary skills and anger management training), physical fitness training, nutrition awareness, goal oriented life success skills, project-based leadership training, and community service.

At The DOJO, we teach Freestyle Martial Arts which is a modern blend of: American Karate (Western Boxing, Kickboxing, and traditional forms), Kali (Filipino Martial Arts), Grappling, and Real Life Self-Defense. Hawaii Freestyle Martial Arts is a unique martial arts education concept: We teach more than punching and kicking…our curriculum is based upon what we have learned from our instructor, Tom Callos, and in our year-long Ultimate Black Belt Test experience (a revolutionary test designed by Tom Callos).

As a martial arts school, we asked ourselves which would be of the most value to our children/keiki, our families/ohana, our community, and the ‘aina‚Ķjust teaching traditional kicks, punches, forms, and throws? Or teaching a modern blend of martial arts that also educates your child in true self defense with life skills to control their anger, to defend themselves against diabetes and obesity, and to embody true sportsmanship. We are proud to offer these exciting classes for students of all ages and abilities.

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