The Academy of Martial Arts (located at the Idaho Falls Academy) serves the Idaho Falls area and offers Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shijian Kenpo and mixed martial arts. For us, it’s understandable that nearly every martial arts school out there makes some sort of claim to be #1.  Some claim this on the basis of belt rank, number of trophies won, or even “you’ll get your black belt faster here.” We choose to measure our success based on the lives we impact and the people we help become better people.

At The Academy of Martial Arts, you will not find us criticizing other schools or other styles on this website or in our classes. Gossip, trash talking, and back biting have no place in the martial arts and are contrary to everything proper martial arts instruction should teach. Tearing others down never lifts anyone.  We let our actions speak for themselves.

The Academy has an open door policy, so that anyone can attend a class, and see how our instruction matches up with our philosophy, and how well we do what we say we do. If we are accomplishing our goals, you will see smiles, courtesy, and skill in our students and in our instructors.

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