At Attrition Wrestling Club in Rockford, Illinois, the goals of our staff are to evaluate each wrestler and improve upon their current strengths, develop a program to help overcome weakness in their wrestling matches, and to teach and mentor those wrestlers who want to achieve higher results than they thought possible!

We aim to expose wrestlers to alternative wrestling styles and international programs. To introduce and accelerate the ability of the wrestler to perform at a national level. We continue to proliferate the USA wrestling program. And strive for success of our non-for-profit to advance young men and women into positive role models in society.

Our newest program is Attrition Combat Training, and was established in January 2010. Our focus is centered around wrestling, mixed martial arts, and personal fitness. Our mission as a company is to provide the right place, the right systems, and the right trainers for our members to accomplish their goals. Our training center will operate under three core values: Attitude, Courage, and Tenacity.

Attitude is a person’s perspective toward a specified target and way of saying and doing things. Our trainers are as diverse as our members, but it is their attitude that will make the difference. We believe in treating our members, parents, staff, opponents, and each other with respect. We will always put others interests before our own. The integrity of our business will always remain our number one priority. We will focus through our attitude toward others to teach compassion through community service, commitment through dedication, and inspiration through leadership. Our attitude toward others will allow us to create a bond like no other.

Courage is the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. We will always have the courage to go beyond what we perceive our limits to be. We must have the courage to stay the course when things become difficult. We will have the courage to work together with those we may not always agree with. We will have the courage to help others who cannot help themselves. We will have the courage to never fear failure realizing that our failures will only allows us to benefit from our mistakes in the future. We will always have the courage to stand strong in the face of adversity.

Tenacity is a state of aggression. We will be tenacious in our efforts to train our athletes to be prepared to go into battle. We will be tenacious in promoting our values to our members. Tenacity will be the driving force that allows our company to reach its fullest potential. Our tenacity will never allow us to be complacent or satisfied. We can always do more.

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