Outfitted like a true UFC training center, the Carlson Gracie Team MMA- Aurora/Naperville facility is a complete training center, which includes a full mixed martial arts cage. Located on the northern edge of Aurora, Illinois, in West Chicago, this facility provides programs for kids and adults who are interested in mixed martial arts.

Carlson Gracie Team MMA- Aurora/Naperville has a world-class staff of instructors, comprised of the most experienced and world-class instructor staff in the Chicagoland area, including certified coaches, golden glove boxing champions and black belt holders. A few outstanding coups for Carlson Gracie Team MMA- Aurora/Naperville were Brian Bishop, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt holder and Jason Sullins, who holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is currently ranked number one in Illinois and number two in the Midwest for the sport.

With a coaching staff offering a range of talent, skills and expertise, the Carlson Gracie Team MMA – Aurora/Naperville facility has a multitude of programs and classes to offer. Ranging from Brazilian jiu-jitsu for beginners to Muay Thai, to boxing and wrestling, there will be almost 20 classes a week to pick and choose from. Additionally, there will be classes for kids available three days a week, which are tailored for children between the ages of 6-11.

Carlson Gracie Team MMA – Aurora/Naperville isn’t just a place for those training to be MMA fighters, either—those who are looking to get a good work out, feed off the competitive energy and be fit like MMA fighters are more than welcome!


  • Canvasback says:

    I’m getting older and fatter. I’ve gone from a Featherweight in my youth to a Cruiser weight today. I can’t do anything about getting older (nobody can), but I can do something about getting fatter – I did so recently by joining Carlson Gracie Team MMA in Aurora. The Academy offers Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling.

    I chose boxing at Carson Gracie and I’m glad I did. It is a better option than some “Old School” gyms ( that are sometimes looking for fresh meat) and a “boxercise” aerobic class (where you really don’ t learn how to box). Carlson Gracie boxing is just right: Knowledgeable coaches who are boxing title winners, individual instruction, and flexibility to move at your own pace, and very soon, an olympic size permanent boxing ring, not to mention their MMA cage and ample matted space.

  • Victoria says:

    This is a terrible gym for children. They do not tell you about the up front fees to join the gym and after you cancel they continue to charge your account. After you speak to the general manager assuring you they will refund the money they never do and they dodge your phone calls and ignore your e-mails. The instructors do not seem to have a clue how to work with a child for the money you spend they should do more then watch your children roll around on the floor. This place is a waste of time and money. Save yourself the aggrivation find a different gym.

  • john says:

    Be careful different prices depending who you talk to. One guy quote 110.00 the other 90.00.name changes ,new contracts, still didnt get a refund paid for 3 months got a month into it and lost 200 dollars

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