Falconbury Warrior Concepts has been offering instruction and training in Full Contact Stick Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts and Cage Fighting since 2006. Located in Robinson, Illinois, Falconbury Warrior Concepts has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. We invite you to come and visit our facility and consider enrolling in one of our outstanding programs such as Kali Silat, Jeet Kune Do – Wing Chun – Muay Thai, Brazilian JuJitsu – Judo.

Headed by Ralph Falconbury (Guru/Chief Instructor), Falconbury Warrior Concepts offers a number of programs for physical fitness, weight loss and instruction in martial arts as well as a full curriculum ranging from Full Contact Stick Fighting and Knife Fighting blended with Mixed Martial Arts and No Holds Barred Cage Fighting such as within the Courage Fighting Championships, DragonsCage and Crossroads Combat Challenge events, King of the Cage and various other MMA events throughout the tri-state area. Some of these events are even televised on Spike TV and FSN and the VS channel by TAPOUT crew.


  • Adam Daugherty says:

    Mr. Falconbury has an outstanding school and well trained instuctors. As well as a very professional attitude as well!

  • Shaine Layton says:

    FWC is a great gym to learn different style of fighting. Ralph Falconbury have helped me so much in my jui jitsu….. the work outs are tough but worth it.

  • Kyle Hoffman says:

    I am a beginner trainer. The work outs are completely instructional in every major detail. I LOVE IT.

  • Kyle Covault says:

    FWC is a great gym for people who are new to martial arts and veterans. If you go in there, you’re gonna come out a better fighter!

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