Marcello Monteiro’s Indianapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is your family’s new home. Your entire family is able to train at our academy with world accredited Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Marcello C. Monteiro in our brand new state-of-the-art facility. Offering instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for adults and kids, and now Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai as well.

Professor Marcello C. Monteiro lives in Indianapolis, and is the only Black Belt in the area that had the opportunity to train his entire life in Rio De Janeiro/Brazil; earning all his belts through daily training with some of the best masters in the world. He is a certified and graduated technical teacher, registered at the “Federacao de Jiu Jitsu do estado do Rio de Janeiro/Brazil”, and has already prepared, trained and turned regular students into state, National and world champions. Members will have the opportunity to train, test and achieve rank directly under Professor Marcello C. Monteiro. Under his guidance and watchful eye, you can learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as it was meant to be taught, with precise technique and skill.



  • allgravybaby says:

    we got some real haters voting here! personally, I love this place! From an old guy with no previous experience.

  • contract killa says:

    Great instruction for jiu-jitsu. Small place, but great family, awesome people to be around. Marcello is a good guy and really cares about making you a champion.

  • SenseiMike says:

    This place is a money pit. They will squeeze every last dollar from you. Highest prices for BJJ in the city, always pushing their $300 DVD sets to learn from, and Marcello is NEVER there. I was a member at this place for 6 months and they are constantly changing things. Dropped all their instructors, fired their manager, moved to a very small place, brought in a jerk of a manager to run things… and every time Marcello comes home for a couple days to his OWN gym you have to pay extra to train with him. Biggest mistake I made signing up at this place.

  • Kaew says:

    I agree with everyone who posted. Marcello is a nice guy, but Marcello is NEVER at the academy these days. I visited the academy last year after two years in another city and it was a complete joke. The basics classes were being taught by a blue belt, a competent blue belt, but still a blue belt. The price required for membership is WAY too high to have a blue belt for an instructor. They also offer the light beer version mma, Muay Thai, and boxing to go along with the light beer jiu jitsu. I would not waste your time at this gym. You always know when something isn’t right when there is constant turnover at any place of business. I wish Marcello the best, but his gym is horrible.

  • Hawaii says:

    Never once has Marcello charged extra to roll with him. Ive been with him for 5 years and he is the Best bjj instructor period, and i have been to a lot of other local gyms. And while Marcello was gone he had his apprentice/prodigy Junior (black belt) teach in his place. And that blue belt is no ordinary blue belt. Hes won numeros competitons and is a great guy. Feel free to stop bye and test that blue belt (after signging the waiver of course). And Light beer version of mma, muay thai, boxing?! Are you kidding me?! Since when is Pat (chris lytles coach) light beer version. Bet you wouldnt say that to our coaches face. All of our coaches are top notch, extremely technical and respectful. I wouldnt train anywhere else. I dont hate on anyone that trains at other gyms, i am mearly sticking up for my gym.. *bows for respect*

  • bjjninja says:

    Let me start this review by saying I am in no way or form or fashion involved in management or ownership of the marcello monteiro academy. Second, I would like to appologise to the people who came to the academy and didn’t enjoy their experience. I have been training through a marcello monteiro affiliate academy for the last two years and have never had a negative experience. At this academy we specialize in marcello monteiro bjj curriculum. To be clear to those who don’t know marcello monteiro was personally trained by de la riva, who was personally trained by the gracies. Our curriculum is derived from the best in the world. I have great respect for the trainers and owners and full faith in their curriculum. It may take longer than some people want to advance their belt color thru marcello but that’s the best thing about it. Belts aren’t handed out here and you earn every thing you get. As far as the muay thai, I challenge anyone to find a better muay thai instructor than you will find thru here. Again, the curriculum is from the best in the world derived from matee jedeetipak. There is nowhere better to train in the indianapolis area for any martial art offered at marcellos, the instructors take their time helping you learn, its a fun and family friendly environment and our success is proven in competitions because when we compete, we win. Best of luck to you all in the future…

  • grappler187 says:

    Marcello is never there even since the aforementioned prodigy has left he still has others teach his classes…clingermans is much better!

  • We are having a local business competitor posting negative reviews about my business. He is trying to damage to our online advertising. If you are someone interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and want to check more about my credentials, please just search about “Marcello Monteiro” or “Monteirao” on Google or youtube, or just go to and and you will be able to find out everything about my life with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Besides my academy I have an association here in the USA with over 40 instructors/academy owners under me. I live 5 minutes from the academy in Indianapolis and I am always there during week (teaching all the classes).

    PS: We have hundreds of students and they are happy and always say good things or write good reviews about my business , but this person (business competitor) creates a fake usernames and go to my online pages to try to damage it. We know who he is, but we will not do the same. That is just bad business.

  • Matias Pena says:

    Marcello is the BEST there is period. Everyone at the academy is friendly and welcoming. Marcello’s student are very talented because he is a great instructor. Marcello rolls with everyone to help us improve. A few years ago some local indy instructors were blue and purple belts. While Marcello was already a well known Blackbelt in Brazil.

  • Luke says:

    Marcello’s new website for his Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu gym is:

    Just a heads up

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