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Team Elite: Hendon Martial Arts Academy is a Mixed Martial Arts school based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This school is owned and operated by Jason Hendon. At our school we will be teaching Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu, MMA, and MMA fitness classes. This school is for anyone interested in martial arts. Whether you’re looking to learn for a hobby, get in and stay in shape, start a new hobby, or your looking to compete in MMA and you want a safe, family environment with state of the art equipment and instruction, Team Elite is the school for you. Everything in the place is brand new and ready for use! So far we are seeing new faces everyday it’s amazing! This is truly a dream come true for me. Hope to train with you soon!


  • Kent says:

    Horrible costumer service. I have e-mailed them three different times to learn more about their school. The first time they were very rude and did not provide any information. So about six months later I decide to give them another try.This time they would not even respond back. So I’m going to assume they are another McDojo. When you can’t answer simple questions like what your monthly fees are. The attitude of your instructors and the over all atmosphere of the your training facility there is something wrong.

  • Drew says:

    I’ve been at this gym for about 2 months now and I can say that all of the instructors and gym members have great attitudes, work hard, and are serious about training.

    The building is well maintained, the facilities and equipment is completely functional and cared for, and they put a good deal of effort into keeping it clean and hygienic.

    The rules, rates, and schedules are posted on the website. I went into the gym one night and talked with Jason for 10 mins and got all of my questions answered and got a good vibe from the place.

    If I had to say anything bad at all about the gym is that there could be a little more light in there sometimes.

  • Patrick Swaggerton says:

    I just wanna learn how to kick some ass dont care how… dont give a shit!

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