At PUNCH BOXING + FITNESS in Shawnee, Kansas, we realize how busy life is and how hard it can be to fit a workout into your schedule. That is why our group fitness classes are designed to give you the BEST total body workout…all in 1 HOUR. The classes are taught in our punching bag area designed specifically to teach boxing fitness classes. You probably have not seen anything like it before! Classes are led by certified fitness or boxing instructors. You work at your own pace and at your own level. It DOES NOT MATTER if you’ve ever even put on a pair of boxing gloves before … you’re there to work out … we’re here to help. So PUNCH, KICK, CRUNCH & STRETCH your way to a better body!

BOXING: This class combines 3 minute “rounds” of various punching combinations on your bag, with 1 minute calisthenic moves in between. We finish with abs for a total body workout! Boxing gloves and wraps are required.

KICKBOXING: This class is similar to the boxing class but adds in some kicks with those punches…..its a workout! Boxing gloves and wraps are required.

INTERVAL TRAINING: Anything goes in this class! The instructor combines various cardio, calisthenics, and lifts to give you an overall workout. This routine changes weekly….and you won’t see the same one twice! Boxing gloves and wraps are required.

STRENGTH: Get toned and strengthen your muscles! This class uses various weights and exercises to do just that.

THE SINK: With Jimmy’s martial arts background, you will get everything but the kitchen sink in this class! Its an Interval class with a focus on muscle endurance.

PILATES: A body conditioning class focused on core movements and flexibility.

YOGA: Empower your mind. Empower your body. Empower your life.

YOUTH: Our kids and their health are important to us. That is why we offer a youth fitness class for kids 7 years old & up. In this hour long class we will combine aspects of boxing, kickboxing, MMA and strength to create a fun, innovative class for youth. Its a great way for kids to stay active, build self-esteem and confidence. Our instructors will inspire and motivate your kids through this awesome total body workout for youth! Parental consent, boxing gloves & wraps are required. High school students may want to join the adult fitness classes.

P.A.T. with Maxwell Woods, Sr. uses speed, power, & agility drills to train 10 – 18 year olds to improve athletic performance. Mr. Woods will motivate and inspire your youth to achieve their personal best and excel in their chosen sport.

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