WE HAVE A BRAND NEW 18 ft adjustable height wrestling ring in stock and ready to go. Posts have adjustable height settings for low ceilings as well as your standard setting. ¬†Slot groove construction, no bolts or under cross cables. Cable ropes wrapped BLUE in color, Navy blue canvas and black 22oz vinyl covered corner pads. Comes with 2×10 planks!!

NEW!!! All rings and cages will have adjustable height settings. There are NO BOLTS in our competition cages and rings. We are now offering an affiliate program, Setup and Delivery, Rentals and FINANCING.

We also offer:

Freestanding floor rings and cages, Cage and ring supplies, Steps, Walkarounds, Bag stands, Grappling areas, Whole gym setups with discounts and frames for both rings and cages. We also are now offering stages with fighter entrance ways, lighting setups and sound as well.

We have began the building process for the first Rings and Cages Training Center. Our goal is to be finished and open in September or October of 2010.

The training center will offer:

Mixed Martial Arts / Cage Fighting
Submission Grappling/Catch Wrestling
American Jujitsu
Pro Wrestling

Traditional martial arts classes may be offered depending on demand.

About Us-

Rings and Cages is a company offering rings and cages at affordable prices. The goal is to get you your ring or cage and save you money doing it. We have been open since December 2006 and have had the priviledge of building rings and cages for gyms and promotions worldwide.

I am the owner “The Good Rev” Chad Sullivan and I have been a Pro Wrestler since 1995 and a Pro MMA fighter since 1999. In that time I have dealt with many different ring styles and cage styles. I have set up, taken down, transported, owned numerous rings etc… I found what worked with rings and cages and what didn’t work. I found designs that I liked but that I thought needed to be tweaked a bit to be either “better” or longer lasting.

As any other pro wrestler out there could tell you some rings are good bumpin’ rings and some you wished you had never stepped into because they were so stiff you hurt for a week. Over the years I found what I liked in a ring and a cage. I listened to other Pro Wrestlers, Promoters, MMA fighters to find out what they liked and realized, everyone likes something different in a ring. Some like a nicer bump, some like a stiff ring, some just like certain padding or even just the way round poles look vs. square poles.

The point is, I want to work with you to find out your needs and to know exactly what it is you are looking for. My goal is to give you just that and save you quite a bit of money in the process and STILL give you a quality product. There may be a few things I may not be able to do. If I cannot do what you want, I’ll tell you that and I’ll send you to the person I know that can help you.

Please bare with me as I update the website to give you more pictures, financing information, prices, details etc… But please feel free to email with ANY and ALL questions.

I look forward to doing business with you!

The Good Rev
Chad Sullivan

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