Pushard’s Maine Isshinryu Karate Academies was founded in 1984 by father and son, Richard L Pushard Sr. and Rob Pushard, this family run dojo has been teaching Martial Arts to members of the surrounding communities for over two decades. Pushard’s Okinawan Karate started as a small 16 student club, Now called M.I.K.A. (Maine Isshinryu Karate Academies) they have grown to to one of the most professional Martial Arts Academies in New England, with Academies in Manchester and Randolph.

With over 300 active members, and 35 active Blackbelts, this family orientated dojo is one of the best around. We have direct ties to Okinawa and to Master Kichiro Shimabuku, the son of Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, the founder of Isshinryu Karate.

Combining old traditions with modern day education, we have successfully been able to help change the lives of literally thousands of people.

Rob and Rebecca Pushard both train and teach full-time, this is not a part time hobby it is a full time life style for this husband and wife team. With a training regiment including fitness kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Isshinryu Karate, this martial arts duo does it all.

Our philosophy is simple, to better our Mind, Body, and Spirit through Martial Arts Training. We teach life skills to our students that will help them succeed in anything they pursue in life.


  • david grindrod says:

    I m live in sale,manchester and i m looking for a local mma gym to train at.
    Could you give me any clubs in the area?

  • Howard Costas says:

    Found the school to have a rather big ego with an out-of-date style of martial arts. The BJJ is only supplemental by a blue belt holder who has only trained foe a very short period, hardly helpful. Might be a decent place for young kids though, but not serious martial artists.

  • Rob Pushard says:

    Not sure which location Mr. Costas visited but, the Hombu (Main) Dojo in Manchester, has a certified Blackbelt Instructor Named Brant Perkins, he is a Blackbelt under Joe Moreira….. Brant is a 4 time Pan American Gold medalist and also a 3 time National champion. However we did have to use a blue belt in dec for a few weeks, hardly say 2 years of training makes him supplemental.

  • Chelsea McCollett says:

    I have to strongly disagree with Costra if thats your name, I appologize if I spelled it wrong. But MIKA offers a ton of different things if your not interested in Isshinryu style, which may be old but offers a real style with real technique opposed to the flashy “zena warrior princess” crap that you will see at most tournements. Isshinryu offers real technique and situations that would help you if attacked on the streets, trust me the flashy stuff may win tournements but it will not protect you.But again if this is not what your interested in then they offer a MIKA fit program aswell helping those who want and need to loose weight reach their goal. Classes like cardio kickboxing and Mat max (more extreme work out)
    MIKA also offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and just as Rob Pushard stated it is taught by a first degree black belt, Brant Perkins, tuesdays and thursdays at 730. Brant has won 5 Pan American Game Championships. MIKA also has Aaron Blake teach Mondays at noon. Aaron was promoted to blue belt by Helio and Royce Gracie in 1998. He recieved his purple belt in 2001, his brown belt in 2003 and his black belt in 2005 all from Joe Moreira. And now he is a second degree black belt in brazialian jiu jitsu.
    So as you can see and should see for yourself this is an exceptional gym. With the two highest brazilian jiu jitsu belts in the state of Maine.

  • John Hopkins says:

    I agree with the previous review that mentions big egos. Very elite and arrogant atmosphere. I trained at the Manchester dojo for half a year but felt the egos were bigger than the skills. Switched to Huard’s Jiujitsu and got a MUCH more comprehensive and complete system that will make you feel more confident in shorter time. No huge egos there, just helpful people and more effective technique.

  • Matt H. says:

    Yeah, they don’t have a great reputation locally. Huards is awesome!

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