Team Irish MMA in Brewer, Maine, is home to champion fighters, rising stars, and people who just want to get in shape or learn self-defense skills. We accept students of all abilities who wish to train in mixed martial arts. Anyone interested in learning competitive fighting techniques, self-defense, or seeking to achieve fitness goals is welcome and your first class is free.

At Team Irish MMA, we currently have six professional fighters for you to learn from and train with. No other martial arts or boxing facility in the state of Maine has this. We have fighters who have competed in professional boxing, kick boxing, K-1 and mixed martial arts.

Team Irish focuses on you achieving your goals both physically and mentally. Whether you hope to become a champion level MMA fighter, boxer, kick boxer, or just get into shape with the confidence that you could defend your self or a loved one with proven self defense techniques. What ever it is you are looking for Team Irish has a program for you!

Team Irish was created by professional fighter Marcus Davis nick named “The Irish Hand Grenade”. After competing in professional boxing, kick boxing and MMA, Marcus started his own professional fighting team that would later become a school for all to join and train as part of his team. Now have you ever wanted to learn how to “really” defend your self?  All forms of traditional martial arts like Karate and Tae Kwon Do are useless in a real situation! Could you take a larger opponent down to the ground and keep them there? Could you apply a submission hold to an adversary who was attacking you or a loved one? Could you be a boxer or a grappler when it is called for? Do you just want a creative way to get into shape? The answer is yes at Team Irish Mixed Martial Arts.

Our NEW Brewer facility has:

-5,000 sq ft of space
-Full 24′ Throw Down Cage
-Over 4,000 sq ft of fitted with Zebra mats
-Plyometrics area: bands, box’s, sled, rings, medicine balls and more
-community gear: boxing gloves, bag gloves, mma gloves, head gear and more
-Locker room and shower available

With separate classes and open gym times we have the schedule to fit your needs!


  • Kevin Castonguay says:

    Not very good at keeping dates, set up dates for my son for private lessons, they keep two appointments, they never showed up after that ,after numerous attempts to reach someone by texting, personal phone numbers,office ansewring machine, no has ever been in contact with us. Would not recommend them.

    Kevin Castonguay

  • Marcus Davis says:

    Hi Kevin I’m not sure what happened but what ever did happen I would like to make it right. If you would contact me personally I would love to make it up to you and your son if given the chance. Sincerely. Rather than post my direct email on here you can get a hold of me through the contact page at

    Thank you

  • Team Irish, Marcus Davis and Garth Krane run a first-class operation. While I’ve only recently become a student, at age 48 by-the-way, I couldn’t have been treated any better. I recommend Team Irish to literally anyone who wants to learn self-defense, compete, or just get in shape. This is a great organization and a wonderful environment to learn in. Keep it up, Team Irish!

  • Lara says:

    I brought my child there and she worked with Marcus for an hour private and she had a blast. Its all she talked about for days. The gym is large and is kept clean. They seem to have a ton of equipment(I’m not sure what its all for)and their staff was great.

  • Kevin Castonguay says:

    Since my last comments I haven’t been back on website. So I’d like to clear the air, I talked with management and I can understand stand things happen. So I would personally like to thank Garth for working with my son, with his whelp my son did very very well for his first year in wrestling placing very good in tournaments. Si thanks to the people at team Irish. I will be sending him back,

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