At the University of Michigan Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our goal is to branch out into each style of grappling, to search for new techniques and concepts.  Our main concern is to share our knowledge, and to learn from those who join us.  Each practice session details the result-producing tension between grappling skill and submission technique, with an emphasis on leverage over strength.

As a club sport at the University of Michigan, we cater primarily to the students of the university, and then to those individuals who live in or near the university area. Because we are not a profit-making organization we are unable to officially attach ourselves to any one school or instructor. However, we feel it’s important to learn from the best.

Our current instruction comes from three different academies:

* Sean Bansfield, of Focus Jiu Jitsu, is a winner of prestigious tournaments such as the Relson Gracie U.S. Nationals and Pan-American Championships, is a black belt under Saulo Ribiero and coaches our submission wrestling practice every Thursday.

* Marcio Corleta, 2001 Mundials Superheavyweight Black Belt World Champion, from the Winner Academy in Porto Alegre gives us seminars and evaluates our members once a year.

* Fabricio Werdum, a black belt and the Winner Academy representative in Spain, the 2003 CBJJ World Champion and silver medalist in the prestigious 2003 Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships, also provides seminars and evaluations.

We feel that with as diverse a set of instruction we receive, our grappling and our relationship with the grappling community both here in Michigan and worldwide, our technique can only improve. We enjoy training with and learning from everyone and sharing what we know as well. It is this open exchange of ideas, this open door policy to whomever is interested, be it judo players, wrestlers, other martial artists, or those with no experience at all, that distinguishes our organization from others.

Please check our website for our schedule; we currently hold our classes at the Intramural Sports Building (IMSB) on the University of Michigan campus.

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