Fight Club Underground Training Center/No Rules Martial Arts is located at The Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defense in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and has programs suited for everyone. Working under the founder Master Chris McCune, Chris has tailored his teaching style to be dynamic, effective, and fun. Chris is one of the few teachers that teaches to each individual and works at the individuals pace and comfort level. No Rules is not a “Pump out a black belt in two years kind of gym” We don’t farm students through as fast as we can, We Teach tactics for your whole life for the safety of you and your family. Chris has dedicated his life to the people and the pursuit to pass his knowledge on. The programs offered at no rules are:

* Comprehensive MMA Training ( Our group of MMA fighters are a tight knit team. They are all working towards the goal of someday achieving a high level pro status i.e. UFC, WEC, Elite XC etc… If you have the drive dedication and motivation our team of fighters will welcome you in and help you to excel to the next level)
* Strength and core conditioning
* Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
* Kung fu san soo and hand to hand combat
* Weapons Fighting
* Competition teams for BJJ
* Womens self defense
* Childrens Classes (ages 5-13)
* Tactical Law enforcement and Military training (Unarmed life and death situations)
* Individual one on one private lessons

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