Twin Ports MMA, is a marital arts facility in the Duluth/Superior, Minnesota area that offers a wide range of marital arts training. They specialize in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Submission wrestling, boxing, kick-boxing and Olympic style wresting. We offer general or specific training to all level of people and also self-defense training.

The members are from all different levels of experience from professional fighters, security personal, athletes, self-defense seekers, hobbyists and novices. They are looking for any and all persons that desire training in the marital arts. The facility has a full size ring, multiple heavy bag stations, weight training area, grappling rooms, multiple training pads and gear and ample space for large class sizes.

The goal is to create and maintain a facility offering general and specific training to everyone interested in learning the marital arts. They provide athletes the means to train constantly, sensibly and systematically over time in a safe and profession environment and to help prevent injury and improve athletic performance with the marital art world.

The Duluth/Superior area has multiple martial arts facility offering a mix of single arts, however no other faculty in the area offers a mixture of multiple arts in one complete fitness and training center.



  • Bob Johnson says:

    Their ad says they teach “Marital Arts”! I needed that for my last 2 marriages! Check your ad before posting ya knuckleheads. Their gym is like there ads-Nobody takes the blame for their shortcomings. Very mediocre training.

  • John Smith says:

    Well Bob Johnson. I have to disagree with your view of Twin Ports MMA. I have been here since the beginning and can say without a doubt they have the toughest Mixed Martial Arts competitors in the area. Also, I can’t say that I have ever seen you in the gym. Please come back/ or in for the first time before you say the training is mediocre.

  • Reptar King of the Ozone says:

    I agree with John Smith. I have been training at TPMMA for a few months now and I have learned so much and developed as a fighter in may ways.

  • Jake says:

    Twin Ports mma is the best gym in the area hands down! I have been to all of them and the trainers and people at this gym are at the highest level, both competitively and personality wise. They want you to succeed, it’s not a bunch of “I think i’m a tough guy” kind of place.

  • Janet says:

    The classes they offer are tough and challenging, great for anyone looking to fight or just get a workout. I love kickboxing and conditioning. Everyone there is nice and easy to get along with.

  • Jake says:

    TPMMA is the best gym in the twin ports area by far! I have trained at all of the other gyms and I can say that the people at Twin Ports MMA are the most knowledgeable and have helped me develop my skills far better than the other places.

    I highly recommend this gym to anyone that is looking to learn martial arts, self defense or to just get a great workout.

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