Warrior Jujitsu offers the most effective self defense martial arts training, the coolest clothing and hottest gear in the Warrensburg, Johnson County, and Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri area! We teach real world self-defense to both men and women.

We teach Shingitai Jujitsu, which is a brand of Jujitsu that embraced the idea of Mixed Martial Arts training long before the phrase was coined. Our idea is to teach, cultivate, and combine the principles of Warrior Spirit, Superior Technique, leverage and position, along with physical fitness to create not only a superior martial art…but a superior martial artist! No Dancing around doing kata, no hitting boards that don’t hit back. Just hard work, and street proven technique!

We also sell fight related clothing and equipment used and worn by your favorite UFC fighters, such as Silver Star, Punishment Athletics, Warrior International, KTFO, TapOut, American Fighter, and Combat Sports International.

Head Instructor Billy holds black belt rank in ShingiTai Jujitsu, Bushi Satori Ryu Jujitsu, and Ko Ryu Bujitsu, as well as lesser ranks in numerous other arts, and over 20 Law Enforcement Instructor certifications. A life long law enforcement officer/trainer and retired military instructor himself, Billy has provided life saving training to hundreds of Police Officers, Soldiers, and Airmen. He is a certified instructor with the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and the National Law Enforcement Training Center.

Billy constantly seeks to improve his own skills and the abilities of his students by seeking out and training with the best instructors including Royce Gracie, Dan “The Beast” Severn and Matt Hughes. Billy was also personally¬†certified¬†by Frank Shamrock to teach his MMA system.

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