Team Capitol Punishment is an amateur MMA team based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our team’s goal is to develop the most well-rounded mma fighters possible–we focus on strong boxing fundamentals, add in devastating Taekwondo kicking skills, and close the gap with lethal elbows and knees. On the ground, we train ground and pound and add in grappling and submissions to finish the fight.

You can train at other gyms for less money, but you will get what you pay for! We are more than just open gym–Our programs are designed to teach and coach you to the highest level possible. We don’t just throw you into the mix and hope you learn as you go! We have as safe a system as possible, so that you can train hard and still get up and go to work or school the next day. You progress a step at a time, allowing you to become the fighter you want to be. Whether you actually want to step into a cage and fight, or just want to learn and benefit from the conditioning and fighting skills we provide, we can help you reach your goals.

We are coached by the highest level instructor in the region, and host training seminars with the highest level coaches in the MMA world. Past seminars have featured coaches like Fred George, who has worked with UFC legends Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, and many others, and UFC fighter Sean Sherk.

Our team is dedicated to making you the best you can be. Come in and watch a class, or try us out for a week free! Team Capitol Punishment is located at Longoria’s Black Belt Academy in Bethany.

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