International MMA Fight Club – Professional training from Professional fighters. If you want to learn to be a professional fighter, this is where you need to be. IMMAFC employs world champion trainers in the fields of Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and other fighting styles.

Our staff has provided training for the current top-level pro fighters in the UFC, WEC, Boxing and Strike Force. Our 6,000 sq ft elite combat training facility has the best equipment to offer in the industry including a professional 22ft x 22ft ring and over 20 heavy bags, double end bags, speed bags and mirrors while providing a safe fun environment. Whether you’re interested in fighting for competition, self-defense, self-knowledge or you want in incredible workout, International MMA Fight Club is your new home.

International MMA Fight Club is Las Vegas, Nevada’s newest place to learn how to fight!  We have the following instructors for your martial arts/fighting needs:

Gil Martinez – Boxing
Fredson Paxaio- Brazilian JiuJitsu
Bobby Chiodini -Strength and Conditioning
Mark “The Hyena” Beecher – Muay Thai


  • John says:

    One of the best places I have seen and you are truly learning the art of MMA, to top it off the have high end and pro classes for cardio, boxing and strength and conditioning, and one of the best Muay Thai teachers in the world, Mark “The Hyena” Beecher.

  • Chad says:

    This is one of the funnest and nicest gyms I have trained in. I was just there during the day and say five world boxing champs, some of the top boxing coaches in the world and saw Bobby Chiodini doing his strenght program for a Muay Thai Boxer which was unreal the level of traing he does. I recommend it to anyone that what to be a fighter or in great shape.

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