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Averill’s Martial Arts Academy in Concord, New Hampshire, offers instruction in Aikido, Boxing, Chi Kung, Discipline, Focus Self Control, Kempo, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. Classes available for adults and children.


  • Bill says:

    Averill’s is without a doubt the best gym I’ve trained at. I’ve moved around the east coast a lot and have trained w/several gyms all good but Paul Averill is not the same as any coach I’ve had. He teaches real martial arts that work; his coaching experience and coaching ability is far more in depth and evolved than most gyms offer. He is able to blend all types of training into one power house class. I’ve learned more about combat sports and conditioning from training w/coach Averill that with anyone in the past 7 years of training in MMA. I just wanted to say thanks to Averill’s Martial Arts Academy for setting me on the path to excellence w/a group of fun motivated people in an awesome environment.

    Keep your hands up,


  • Mike says:

    Great gym! Great coaches. These guys are the best by far, the way they coach shows how deep their knowladge is. Classes are fun and energetic.

    These guys are polite, professioanl and caring.
    If you’ve thought about trying MMA or Kickboxing give these guys a try you wont regret it.


  • Mike says:

    Best gym and coaches around. Polite, Professional and caring.

    Thinking about doing MMA or Kickboxing check these guys out.


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