Strategic Combat Academy in Sayreville, New Jersey, offers MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Youth Fitness, Law Enforcement, Customized Personal Training, Strength Conditioning, Cardio Kick Classes, Boot Camp and Sports Specific Training. Our facility is state of the art, and we train novice fighters to various athletes and the average person looking to get in optimal physical condition.

Our MMA classes will focus on grappling and BJJ, kicking based from several styles of martial arts and various striking and boxing techniques. Aside from our rigorous class structured programs, we believe in total body physical training. At our facility, functional, core, and cardio equipment will be available to our members.

Whether you’re looking to train for competition, learn self-defense, or get in the best shape of your life, we have something to offer for everyone. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in fight and sports conditioning; our staff looks forward to training with you!


  • Roberto says:

    Very Nice Gym, took a free class and it was a great experience..The Class was intense and the instructor was very helpful and patient. I walked in the class feeling a little intimidated but worked my way in and felt at home. Signed up after class!! If you’re looking for quality, intense, and clean gym then this a spot you should check out.

  • Gary Sharrick says:

    This was what I was looking for! An MMA oasis in NJ. A cage, cardio and conditioning equipment and most of all, coaching for each category of training for MMA. If you’re looking to train to compete or just get a kick butt workout S.C.A. is the place. They told me that this spring they are going to expand and put in an additional 1,300 sq. ft. of seemless grappling mat. Also add a full size boxing ring. I’m HOOKED!!!!!

  • Rich Garrett says:

    I researched several MMA gyms, I took free classes only to be lured into trying to take thousands of dollars. I did a trial class at Strategic and they asked if I liked the class. Thats it, a woman at the front desk said call us or make an appointment if you would like to join. Not only was I impressed with not being pressured, but I was blown away with the structure of the class. I almost puked a few times, the stand up and ground and pound segment was intense. The instructor John made the class fun but pushed everyone to the max. Even the guys in the class with experience were helping out beginners…no attitudes. All that plus a ton of cardio and conditioning equipment. Wow!

  • Frankie Perez says:

    Im the NJ MMA Title holder at 155lbs.Im going to be turning pro in 2011 and have trained with coah John Narleski for over a year and a half on my Kickboxing and ground and pound.If your looking for some serious training and enviroment with no attitudes Strategic Combat is where you want to train to be a fighter.Plus they offer everything you need and have an amazing gym.Boxing,Muay Thai,BJJ and Kickboxing.They have a full size cage and ring,plus every peice of stregnth and cardio equipment possible to get your condititioning to its maximum for fight day.

  • John says:

    How much is the monthly rates at this school?

  • droc says:

    You’ll need to contact SCA directly for their rates. However, they do offer a “15% discount on memberships for active Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Military.”

  • getreal says:

    this place is good if your a little kid or just an adult wanting to get in shape. anyone wanting a real fight gym to become a cage fighter should look elsewhere. these people sell you on “biggest gym” bells and whistles. dont fall for it or the 150 a month contract they try to sucker you into. i was wrestling with little kids that no matter how skilled they were werent strong enough to do anything. tghey have no cage fighters there and try pushing you into kick boxing tournies or boxing matches. if you wanna cage fight skip this place. if you just want to get in shape, yeah its a good place.

  • John says:

    you should get real.You must of took the kids class my friend.Come on back and i’ll make sure you have your choice of mma fighters to spar with,i’d put my money on my please shut your pie hole.

  • Majestic says:

    There is a stable of fighters both amatuer and pro.John P. holds the belt for Evolution and just won the WKA Nationals in Virginia in the MMA 155 division.There’s guys that come to train at Strategic because they cant get sufficent work with anyone at there own MMA gym.Theres always sparring go on in the cage and the ring mma/muay thai/boxing.It is the most advanced,largest and state of the art facility around…period.The best way is to come in and find out for yourself.

  • Bishop says:

    There’s plenty of amatuer and a few pro fighters out of Strategic .For a new facility they have an upcoming stable of fresh fighters for MMA and stand up.I spoke to a few guys who joined from other gyms because they didnt have sparring partners to help prepare for fights.State of the art gym with every peice of equipment you could think of,including a cage and 20×20 boxing ring and 2,200 sq. feet of mats.Something for eveyone fighters and people looking to just get an intense workout.

  • Lynn says:

    Hey..getreal….I joined this gym about a year ago and never looked back. Maybe you caught it on a trial junior class or something. It is what YOU put into it. Maybe if you opened your eyes and mouth and asked around, you would have seen there are some good solid guys in there to spar with….maybe you should have gone toe to toe with one of the top guys there first before you pass judgement. Nuff said!

  • Steve Mcquinn says:

    What about BJJ ? Do they have a good programm ? A good coach ?

  • Lynn says:

    Steve M : Yes, they have BJJ. Reggie is the professor. He’s the top BJJ teacher there. Great teacher and dedicated. If you roll with Carlos.. he’s awesome as well.
    Go for a trial… you got nothing to lose.

  • Steve Mcquinn says:

    Does he have any important title ? Did he win NAGA or some important tournament before ?

  • alfonse says:

    @Steve M. , yes he does,

  • kyler says:

    This place is great, I went here for a short period of time and it absolutely is good they push you hard and you get so much out of it.

  • Bill says:

    Who does the BJJ instruction regularly? I see Almeida listed, as well as Fonseca. Do they regularly have a black or brown belt teaching?

  • I am the BJJ head Instructor, and yes, I am there everyday.

  • Sam Diggs says:

    Home of Weapons 9 MuayThai and the Warriors Cup full rules pro muay thai show.Ring,cage and all the equipment you need’Boxing and world clas BJJ and yes MMA.

  • Cris Colgan says:

    S.C.A. is amazing gym with a great staff, plenty of space, and good equip. i have been training there since its opening almost 2 years ago. coming from some one who has done martial arts all his life this is one of the best gyms I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of being a part of. With the edition of Weapons 9 Muay Thai and S.A.S. BJJ team it is def the total pkg gym! The staff, trianers, and other gym members really give you a sense of family and are always willing to help.

  • Lorena says:

    Great gym! Very clean and lots of space; friendly trainers staff and members!!

  • Jo says:

    I’ve been with S.C.A. for about a year and it’s probably the best gym in NJ right now. The facility is big and clean. The instructors are great at what they do. There’s alot of good people that comes from S.C.A. Its a great well rounded gym for biginners and advance students.



  • droc says:

    Jonathan, contact the gym directly.

  • flytrap says:

    Come here only if you are looking for MMA. Sure they have boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ, but the gyms goal is not focused on each individual art. If your goal is to be an MMA fighter, there are better gyms. If your goal is to be a BJJ black belt, there are better gyms. There’s a high turnover rate of students with the exception of Muay Thai. If you are looking for good Muay Thai come here as long as Chris Tran the owner of Weapons 9 is still running the Muay Thai program. The gym tries to do too much with too little. Conditioning classes are poorly instructed. Half the gym seems to be rented out to some outside physical trainer leaving regular gym members with less space and less access. There are no showers. The gym expects the students to clean the mats everyday after class, which isn’t enough because the mats are always very dirty! And all the classes are in the evening. The only highlight is the Muay Thai, which in my opinion would be better if it was as seperate stand alone gym. Basically come here if you want to train MMA (a little bit of boxing and BJJ) and Muay Thai.

  • @flytrap says:

    @flytrap, cleaning the mats is a sign of respect for your professor,coach, Kru, etc. but as an individual who seems to talk alot but not know the basics. Most gyms do not have showers, do the research and good luck on your journey and remember can you can not learn anything when your talking!

  • Davis says:

    I went to a few gyms and this is by far the best gym in NJ. The other gyms I went to before were in poor condition as well as the staff, total jerks. The staff here are really nice and really give you a hardcore workout. If you come here out of shape like I did, the first week will be intense but if you stick to it, the pounds will come off and your stamina will go way up. Since joining 5 months ago, I lost 28 pounds and gained muscle as well. Overall great place to train and great staff of trainers!

    Also, flytrap, the person who posted the comment before me clearly hasn’t watched the karate kid when talking about cleaning the mats..wax on wax off, discipline my friend!

  • flytrap says:

    I was not mentioning that students have to clean the mats for any other reason then the fact that the mats are VERY DIRTY. But for the price that students pay, I do feel the gym should clean its own mats. And yes I did watch the karate kid. Daniel was being instructed for FREE by Mr. Miyagi in his home and backyard. This is a for profit gym. I pay to be instructed. My complaint is that if I am being asked to help clean, then the mats should be kept very clean by the staff aswell. Clean mats are a very big deal for BJJ because they breathe in all that dirt. The gym should take my comments as constructive criticism. Prospective students should look at my comments as information that can help them make an informed decision before joining a gym. I agree most gyms don’t have showers, but some do. I will take your advice @flytrap. This is review section. As a former customer I am writting a review for future students who might want to know more about this gym. The gym should take it as constructive feedback (that is to see a former students complaints and see their honest opinion) to make improvements.

  • bella says:

    the gym is AMAZING!!!!! teaches you how to push yourself further than you thought you could go. I am a female and i notice if a place is clean or not. this place is VERY clean. I felt at home and look and feel better in the last 9 months of joining than i have in my whole life!!!!!! SCA!!!!

  • @flytrap says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, how ever I feel you are misinforming people. The MATS are NOT dirty here, I think this must have been your first gym attended and you have yet to find out many things. Also, cleaning the MAts is being at one with the place you are attending, I am pretty sure you did not leave your garbage on the floor of a University you might attend? Or probably wipe down the equipment at a basic cardio or weightlifting gym if you use the equipment. It is like always eating fast food and never washing dishes, how can you respect what you eat and the process it takes to give energy. As for the price, look at what you can learn and the options you have at this gym and go price shopping, please let us know if it is too expensive then . I am happy with the gym and respect the ppl in it and what stands for so please don’t misinform ppl on a social site because you sound bitter and possibly lack a real social life. Again, the martial arts are bigger than your opinion on Mats and if you are to remain involved you might want to learn the philosophies as well.

  • Billy markle says:

    This gym is AMAZING! I have been coming here since july and i love it. It is a friendly gym and it is good for someone who is training to fight or just want a good work out.

  • flytrap says:

    I am not misinforming anyone! Almost all the positive reviews on this site or any other site reviewing SCA are from staff members! That’s the misinformation! Bottom line the mats were dirty when I was a student there. For the price that I paid I expect to not have to clean the mats everyday after class! I have my own job! As a gym owner shouldn’t your job be to keep your gym clean? I understand that it’s cheaper & easier to have the students do it for FREE. Don’t make up nonsense about honor & respect as reasons for the students to do your job! Who wants to be in a gym where the instructors get replaced by the owner at will! How many instructors have left the gym in the last year? I can think of at least 3. And my reason for leaving was because my instructor left and I found out the day my contract expired. To top it off, the gym didn’t tell me that my instructor was leaving! My instructor did in secret! Where’s the honor and respect in that from the gym? Why was I asked how did I find out my instructor was leaving when I told the gym that I wasn’t going to renew my contract? I have no problem with instructors going or coming. I have a problem when a gym does it without informing their students. You want me to renew my contract and my instructor just left? And I have no clue who the next instructor will be or how long he’ll stay as an instructor in your gym. If you want to stay in business how about you focus on customer service? You can hire or fire as many instructors as you want. Once you lose focus of what your customer wants your business is in jeopardy! You will never get me back as a student in your gym, so how about you focus on not losing another member such as myself for the reasons I’ve mentioned above and before. I honestly wish you the best. My review is just constructive criticism, so take it how you want to.

  • Bobby Mate says:

    This is not a fight gym. They do not have any real fighters. The only GOOD fighter out of that gym is RJ starce who doesnt even fight under them. When you go to a show no one knows this gym for a reason, and now that the Muay Thai instructor is gone all the fighters are to. If you wanna get in shape this maybe the place or even to just get a laugh at the people that call themselves fighters who havent stepped into the ring or cage. Place is a joke join a real fight gym

  • Bella2 says:

    @Bobby Mate.. Although I do agree with you about RJ, no need to be such a hater. If you have nothing positive to say, just keep your mouth shut and move on…..I don’t recall anyone claiming this to be a rough and tumble “fighters gym” Why b/c the members don’t spit on the floor and keep it like a pigsty like past members have? Please man.. move on……this happens to be a great gym

  • John N says:

    Thats fine your free to have an opinion. We don’t care to be known as a fight gym, that will happen in its own time. But make no mistake about it , we have the best staff of trainers and instructors under one roof! Coach Dan Doyle runs the boxing program, he is also the owner and head of the NJ Golden Gloves,and trains top amateur fighters as well as some high level pros. So that knocks out your facts that aren’t correct. Next we have professor Tony Rivera for BJJ, he recently won the NAGA championship belt in the Black Belt division…..not bad. He also lead the other 3 competitors from our school to victory. For more of his credentials you can Google them. For Muay Thai we have coach Jaffer Panzeia who just won the WKA belt for Muay Thai in his weight class. Between amattuer MMA and Muay Thai he has over 40 fights and will be turning pro soon. Our boot camp and conditioning staff is second to none, the facitity speaks for its self. The kids program is growing and offers fitness ,fun and realistic self defense. All the bad energy is gone and there are no egos or attitudes. Strategic isn’t about one person or program, it’s a team effort to accomplish individual goals and get the most out of each class you attend. We didn’t even scratch the surface yet, but we’re here to stay!

  • Richard Schaber says:

    Ive taken a few classes here and they treat you like shit. Why would I want to go somewhere where the coaches are yelling at people during a class for not having the right foot work? I saw the boxing coach go off on a kid that couldnt be more than 19yrs old because his foot work was wrong. If you go there and youre not in great shape and cant keep up they treat you like shit. They dont answer their phones, return emails or return voicemails either. The place is completely unprofessional and over priced. Ive seen the coaches flirting with the women that attend and give them special treatment while neglecting others, including myself, that werent doing very well. The place isnt very consistent either. One day the coach says this is pretty much a cardio class with a little boxing and the next hes meticulous about every single thing we did. If I wanted to be treated like crap, I would have stayed in the Army.

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