Designed for the every day person to develop excellent stand-up skills regardless of skill level. Teaches ways for even the “athletically challenged” to defend against hard strikes unscathed.

Crazy Monkey Defense Program
CMDP is the core stand-up, clinch and ground program. The emphasis is on excellent stand-up skills, takedown defense, and how to handle ground situations with the end goal of returning back to a standing position. The world-famous “Crazy Monkey Defense” is taught as a simple, effective way for even the “athletically challenged” to defend against hard, oncoming strikes unscathed!

Classes geared more toward the self-defense aspects of the larger core CMDP curriculum. Focus will be on psychological and physiological considerations, and techniques may be modified for the differing nature of a self-preservation encounter. Unarmed defense against a knife assault will also be covered.

Red Zone Knife Defense
No patty cake moves or unrealistic techniques. The Red Zone is a pressure-tested, unarmed method of surviving a full-contact knife assault.Private Instruction AvailableDesigned to be flexible for busier schedules. Allows more specialized training focusing on the individual’s training goals, and more advanced application of mental game coaching techniques. Recommended for maximum results.
Classes held at 1534 Stephanie Road. Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Coaching Method
Coaching and training in the martial arts industry have evolved light years past what is still being taught at most schools. Training at CM New Mexico will get you on the right track without these common problems:
How often have you gone to class and simply hit the pads in the same way for half an hour, then half an hour of way-too-hard, unfocused sparring with little or no increase in your personal skill level?
All our curriculum is designed to be coached in a logical progression, to ensure that you are always improving and never stagnating; doing the “same old thing.”
Nobody wants to go to a martial arts class and get hurt on a daily basis, you have other interests in life and it takes a progressive toll on your body. Nobody wants to hear how much they suck or feel like they can’t get something right, because the instructor doesn’t know or care how they are struggling.
Here, we practice a method known as “strength-based coaching”, where your positive attributes are focused on so that you are always psychologically driven to perform at your best, and therefore improve.Our classes are designed to be smaller, with individualized attention. You won’t be a sheep in the crowd. Here, everybody knows your name, and they care about helping you achieve your goals.

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