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Black Hole Jiu-Jitsu

Black Hole Jiu-Jitsu, located in Wappingers Falls, New York, is led by black belt Mike Wacker. Mike was promoted to black belt by Phil Migliarese of Team Balance in June 2009 and is under Steve Kardian of Thornwood MMA. Mike has an extensive and successful BJJ competition record, and is using that experience to teach others BJJ.


  • TapSkillz says:

    Mike Wacker makes some pretty bold and untrue claims on his website and bio:

    -“First Degree Black Belt” – Not sure what association he belongs to, but since he received his Black Belt around a year ago, this is impossible. The IBJJF (whos logo Wacker uses on his site) requires three years for first degree.

    – “The only Credible BJJ Black Belt Instructor in Dutchess County” – This is untrue and slanderous to other legit accomplished BJJ Black Belts in the area.

    – “With no real weight classes in major competitions held, he was always viewed as the underdog …” – This is untrue, there were always weight classes when Wacker was competing.

    – “… becoming one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsus most prominent athletes …” Really? He has no World Championship or Pan American Titles and if you YouTube him, the top three fight videos are of him losing. Most Prominent Athletes in BJJ would be people like Marcelo Garcia – a World Champion or someone who has actually tapped BJJ Black Belts in Competition … I know of a Real BJJ Black Belt in Dutchess County who has and it isn’t Wacker.

    Perhaps the funniest thing about his whole site and business is that they now all of the sudden offer “Muay Thai”, but have no “Credible” Muay Thai instructor teaching … kind of ironic for someone who goes on and on criticizing other schools for not being credible.

    This is not a real MMA Gym and the owner makes a lot of false claims.

  • ED David... says:

    This school is total crap.. everything that the prior post says is true, what federation is Mike wacker in???? not IBJJF. Cause guess what., yeeeeah, and after one year u get a degree Karate BJJ you can check who is legit on the IBJJF website, they list there members, and MIKE WACKER is not one or maybe he is, in the martial art of Tung So Doo. second. KRU Muay Thai??? ahahhahaha… might as well go to Walmart and buy you certification there. it might mean more.

  • First off..This Gym has produced some of the BEST competitors, Wacker’s Purples are tapping/beating Blacks and Browns in many Competitions(NAGA,ACOM,GQ) in the area Pan Am champs yes sir plenty at this gym..Mike Wacker is not a 1st degree Black Belt but is a Black Belt under his instructors Phil Migliarese ,Steve Kardian “Team Balance” and Rob Kahn “Gracie Jiu Jitsu”. Since the start of the site another very credible black belt was awarded to Brian McLaughlin also under Rob Kahn in Dutchess county. To say Mike Wacker is not a great competitor is an understatement..He rolls all of his students and most notible BJJ Black Belts that do seminars at the Hole! If “Team Balance” and “Gracie Jiu Jitsu” isn’t enough for you to believe if Wacker is legit then you have been sold a bill of goods! He is one of the BEST coaches in a 200 mile radius of his gym! PERIOD!!

  • Ed David says:

    I don’t know who wrote that above but it was not me. Either someone is using my name or there is another Ed David which i highly doubt. So whoever it is, your a douchebag and should go jump of a bridge.

  • JudokaDave says:

    I have trained with ALL 3 BJJ/MMA schools in this close proximity, Precision MMA,Black Hole Jiu Jitsu and the infamous NYMAG. What I can tell you if you’re thinking about joining one of the 3 is this…If you’re looking to do BJJ there is no better school in the area as far as instruction and comradery then black hole jiu jitsu. Mike is a very detailed instructor with great patience and a desire to show all students the correct way of doing technique and drilling. The atmosphere and students of the gym always made me feel welcome and comfortable. As far as MMA is concerned I would recommend Brian McLaughlin’s Precision MMA. Brian is an accomplished BJJ competitor but he does not quite have the personality or detail to get an enjoyment out of BJJ, but I feel the opposite about his MMA Instruction he has alligned himself with a great team and great coaches and has recently signed a contract with Strikefore Challengers. Lastly is NYMAG MMA which is the most “fashionable” out of the 2 previous gyms but lacks the skill an personality of Precision or Blackhole. NYMAG which is owned by Gene Simco is more of a commercial gym(like a planet fitness of mma or bjj). Gene also has a very tainted name amongst the BJJ comunity for fraudulence but on the flip side he does have a very nice gym.

    So once more a quick breakdown…

    BlackHole – Top notch jiu jitsu instruction and atmosphere and the most welcoming gym but lacks the MMA experience and instruction. If you’re looking to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this is the place for you.

    Precision MMA – Best MMA school around with great striking and wrestling coaches and solid mma experience an reputation but lacks the BJJ teaching skills. If you’re looking to do MMA or just train MMA this is the place for you.

    NYMAG – Very Attractive gym, but it’s more of a “Planet Fitness” meaning it has the look of an “MMA Gym” but lacks the authenticity of one. Gene Simco has a very bad reputation but he doesn’t teach so that is a plus.If your looking to be in a “fashionable” gym then this is the one for you.

    Hope this review has helped.

  • John Andersen says:

    My son attends Black Hole and I find the environment character building, a positive environment,and the instructors are not only talented but are good teachers of the sports. The first post by Tap Skillz I find very distrubing that it is such a false critique. It must have been written by a person suffering from petty jealousy or a business competitor.I am an educator and former Marine and have no problem calling it as I see it…Black Hole is a good place to be.

  • Stephen J Vitolano says:

    I just started black hole BJJ about a week ago. I shopped around for a year, before I took a few freebie trial classes to see which one I like the best. I am 47 yrs old, concerned; I didn’t want to get the crap beat out of me the first day. Mike understood how I was feeling and called me the night before my trail class. After meeting Mike and the some of his team, I began to feel right at home, everybody was nice, and welcomed me in. That alone was enough for me to decide that this is the place where I would train. Make no mistake about it; the expectation from Mike Wacker training was, we will train hard, but you are part of a team. This is what I have been looking for, that kind of leadership. Looking forward to tonight’s Class…Peace

  • Jason guarno says:

    Stumbled on this by accident.
    We are all entitled to our opinions and my opinion is tap skills is a idiot. That’s all

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