Ray Longo’s International Mixed Martial Arts Academy (IMMA) offers over 3,000 square feet of training space, including a regulation size raised boxing ring, cardio machines, and specialized martial arts equipment.

Having trained in several martial arts styles sinces 1972, Ray Longo has established himself as a top trainer to both professional and amateur competitors in the sports of Western Boxing, Muay Thai and American Kickboxing. A certified coach for the U.S. amateur Boxing Federation, he is also a Long Island representative for the European/American Thai Boxing Association under the current european Thai Boxing Champion, Phil Nurse.

Ray is a certified instructor of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do Concepts, under Richard Bustillo, Tom Batell and Paul Vunak. He founded IMAA in 1990, and has trained thousands of students and fighters since, including several Golden Gloves champions, American and Thai Kickboxing champions, and UFC fighters.


  • Justino says:

    I have currently been in the Marine Corps for 13 years. I am currently a Black belt Instructor Trainer for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program as well as Blue belt in BJJ. I have trained in Muay Thai, Judo, and MMA with professional fighters and seasoned instructors. My job relocates me quite a bit which affords me the opportunity to train at many gyms. I recently began training at Ray’s about a month ago. Since then the staff and members have made me feel at home. It is always a good training atmosphere with a real down to earth relationships (no egos) considering the number of talent and professionals that train here. By far, Ray Longo’s gym is at the top of my list for best MMA gyms to train at. Unlike other gyms, Ray still actually instructs classes and is there almost every day and will even remember your name. His staff is top notch and always friendly and willing to help anyway they can. Great Gym, Great people. 5 stars!

  • AJ says:

    I’ve been training Martial arts for many approximately 20 + years. I’ve hopped around from gym to gym and now finally, I have a place to call home. I’ve been training there for the last 4 years. With in the last year I’ve been taking it more seriously. The instructors and members are all down to earth and so knowledgeable about every discipline that they teach. This is a real MMA gym. They have BJJ,Boxing, Kickboxing w/ Muay Thai kicks and Wrestling. Plus, they have real UFC fighters that train there. I agree with Justino all the member, fighters and instrutors are Top Notch. Plus, Ray is the MAN!! He has so much experience and knowledge under his belt. If you listen to him, you’ll go far in life!! Come join and you’ll never regret this decision.

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