EVOLUTION FIGHT ACADEMY, located in High Point, North Carolina, is constantly evolving, updating and growing! The latest updates include: hanging heavy bags, expanded weight room, cardio equipment, chin dip, leg lift & pull up stations, anti gravity rack for reducing back pain & risk of injury, leg stretch rack, sit up bench, more equipment for the S.A.S.A.F. workouts, more Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bags, an 8 x 8 padded wall for protection and wall / cage drills. EFA has approximately 1,000 square feet of mat space and 600 square feet of work out space.

E.F.A beginner’s classes are designed to give students an understanding & introduction into M.M.A. and also get them in better shape with a 10-15 minute version of our S.A.S.A.F workout at the beginning of each class geared towards the days training. The next 20 minutes to half hour will be introduction & teaching of M.M.A. techniques. The last 15-20 minutes of class will be application of these techniques in a controlled sparring manner. Monday’s class will be stand up striking techniques such as introduction to boxing, kickboxing, blocking, counters, eluding strikes. In this class you will learn proper striking and defense for M.M.A. Wednesday’s class is beginners grappling where you will learn early level ground techniques like positions, passes, sweeps, submissions and drills geared to help you become a more advanced grappler. Saturday’s class will be transitions where you will learn beginner level takedowns and takedown defense combined with some basic grappling and striking. Beginners are not required to pay a registration/equipment fee until the 2nd month. There are no uniforms in M.M.A. Wear your own comfortable shorts, jogging pants and fitting shirts (loose fitting shirts can and will get caught and ripped and hinder your training) rash guards (under armor) are recommended.

Most people think M.M.A. is just for the guys, well it isn’t. Although women in M.M.A. do not get the exposure that the men do there are many successful women competing in M.M.A. full time. There was also one T.V. show, Fight Girls, on the Oxygen Network solely about women fighters. At the present time there is 1 M.M.A. promotion, Fatal Femmes Fighting dedicated to women only and many other promotions are having women compete in their events all the time. I have had the privilege and opportunity to meet & train with many talented women fighters in New Jersey and some in this area as well. What some people also may not know is that there are several other combat sports for women to compete in on their way to M.M.A. or as an alternative, such as : amateur boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and different levels of grappling tournaments. Many gyms have lighter weight guys to be compatible training partners for most women. E.F.A has several from 130-160 lbs at all different levels of experience. E.F.A recognizes that some women may not be comfortable with close contact training with men so we have decided to offer M.M.A. classes for women only, keep in mind the class will be instructed by Larry Kidd with the help of 1 of E.F.A’s advanced male athletes. This class is not a self defense class however these techniques can certainly improve your confidence and definitely be used to defend yourself. If you are interested in self defense see DEFENSIVE TACTICS. This woman’s M.M.A. class can be used as the next step in self defense and will be offered to E.F.A / SEVO defensive tactics advanced members. Right now the women’s class is offered at a BEGINNERS level with considering adding an advanced level. Women at a higher level are welcome and advised to take the standard advanced classes at this time and can also become E.F.A TEAM members if interested in becoming a fighter.

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