Evolve MMA, located in Medina, Ohio, is the place to learn self defense, get in great shape or fight in the cage.  No matter what your age, physical ability or personal goals we have a program for you.  Classes range from beginner kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu to Pro level competition preparation. We also have Cardio Kick classes and special self defense classes for young children and law enforcement.   We take the most effective parts of kick boxing, Jiu Jitsu, grappling and performance training, and teach them in a fundamental, and applicable style.

Our Coaches and Instructors are World Class and have the skill to work with everyone from young children to top Professional Fighters.  Our Strength and Conditioning program is one of the best in the country.  We know how to get you strong, fast, athletic, and properly conditioned.

At Evolve MMA, you will have access to everything necessary to make your training experience complete:

* 6000 Square Foot Training Center complete with strength Equipment and Cardio Area
* 1200 Square Foot Martial Arts Room
* Wall to Wall Mats and Padded Walls
* Muay Thai, Speed, UpperCut and Wrecking Ball Bags
* Grappling and Throwing Dummies


  • John Williams says:

    Great Gym…huge place with tons of mats and bags…24 foot cage.
    Instructors are top in the area…UFC Veterans Josh Hendricks and Ryan Madigan run the place. Clint Musser, NCAA All American is the head wrestling coach. Lorenzo Scott helps out so does Ricky Miller, John Hawk. Great Guys, professionally run practice. They also offer kids classes and CArdio Kick for women., Best Around!

  • Gary Blaich says:

    hi, my name is gary and im in the army as of right now, stationed in kansas(but at the moment im in iraq) i am 28-2 in mma competion, or as we call it in the army combatives, with most of my wins coming by way of TKO. well all im trying to do is ,when i get out of the army is to step my mma game up and get more fights under my belt and ,one day become a pro mma fighter.

  • Great gym!! Clint Musser, head wrestling coach at Evolve MMA, now has his own website. check it out! http://www.clintmusser.com

  • renee says:

    I was witness to the owner of Evolve harass and insult a gentleman for over an hour this past Friday night at a bar/restaurant in Medina. This gentleman did not say or do anything to him, but apparently alcohol and arrogance do not mix well in the owner of Evolve’s system. He was very rude and even had some of his students telling him to leave the gentleman alone. This is NOT the kind of attitude to have while teaching individuals MMA. I would NOT send my son or anyone I know there.

  • Me says:

    Thanks for the comment Renee. I thought about going to this place.

    Time to keep searching.

  • Jordan Baldwin says:

    I’ve trained at Evolve for over two years now and i am extremely happy with my time there. The martial arts programs have greatly improved my skills and expanded my knowledge. The coaches and staff are very knowledgable and nice, they are always eager to answer questions or provide assistance in any way they can. The owner can appear a little rough around the edges but is really a good guy who takes care of his staff and team. He has created a very friendly atmosphere where all are accepted and welcomed. Personally im proud to be part of the Evolve fight team

  • Grace says:

    Renee, you bring up an excellent point. However, I am a woman who has been to several MMA gyms around the country. I have also assisted with Women’s Personal Safety courses.

    Some MMA gyms will make you *feel* like you are getting a good experience, but what they teach you will be worthless. Evolve is not this type of gym. The owner can come off as a bit abrasive, but he’s also retired from the Army special forces. He knows his stuff.

    Unlike other Tae Kwon Do “dojos” that will teach you fancy forms, and bowing, and give you belts, Evolve actually teaches skills that you, as a woman, could use to survive an attack and defend yourself. As an athlete and an experienced martial artist, I highly recommend Evolve and its many extremely skilled instructors.

  • Lind Marie says:

    My son has trained at Evolve since he was 12 years old, now at 19 he is competing in BJJ and Kickboxing and looking to have his first MMA Fight. The coaching staff is amazing and the facility is top notch–HUGE! There was always someone working with my son…he has become a better man because of this place!

    As far as the self serving comment by the lady that says she witnessed the owner do something at a bar…

    I have known the owner for 15 years and there is nobody else I would have intrusted to mentor my son. John is one of the most gracious, caring and passionate individuals I have ever met and he always puts his students first. I am sure there is more to that story than we are being told if it is even true! Hes an in your face kind of guy and most arent used to that…but when it comes to running a program I would highly reccommend!!

    And just do some research—Evolve MMA has grown into one of the most respectible Martial ARts academies in the Midwest!!!

  • Jim says:

    I see Lorenzo Scott is coaching the Boxing. He’s one heck of a man, and if he’s there, I’m sure it’s a good school. I use to make the drive to Canton where Lorenzo had a boxing gym. He worked all day at a job, and opened the doors at 5:30. Basically just asked for a $20 donation a month to keep the lights on. Donated all his time and effort for no monetary pay whatsoever. This was over 20 years ago, and I only made the drive to Canton in rush hour traffic for 2 weeks, but he made an impression, and taught me the basics that I still use today. I will never forget that man. If I wasn’t living in Calif., Evolve would be my second home.

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