Christian Bushido Mixed Martial Arts is a small organization based in Laverne, Oklahoma, that believes in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, and in His saving grace. We believe that our Christian self defense system and mixed martial arts is a necessary ministry. Although Christian Bushido Mixed Martial Arts is a martial art and self defense system, we do not totally focus on these aspects. Instead our main priority is the Lord Jesus Christ! Understanding that we live in a very violent world which continues to slide into sin, it could be understood why it is important to know some type of self defense. So we do work pretty hard in that aspect, but even more importantly than training our physical bodies for defense and protection, discipleship is the core of this system.

Christian Bushido Mixed Martial Arts is a combat system of martial arts where students will be taught real, street effective, self defense techniques and martial arts. It incorporates the styles of Judo, Karate, Western Boxing, and Freestyle Wrestling, as well as U.S. Army Ranger combatives. This system is broken down into four key phases, and a final review phase.

Phase One (Alpha) teaches skills and techniques from white belt to orange belt. Students learn to defend against the most common unarmed street assaults and the basics of this system, as well as beginning a lifestyle of fitness. A rotating curriculum allows students to enter the program at any time.

Phase Two (Bravo) teaches a combination of orange belt to green belt materials. This phase is designed to transition students from beginner material to more advance techniques.

Phase Three (Charley) teaches both green and blue belt material. Students learn to defend against more complex, unarmed street assaults; common attacks by a gun, a stick, or edged weapon; as well as ground fighting, throws, locks, and chokes. Simulated assaults are practiced under moderate to more intense stress induced conditions in order to simulate real life situations.

Phase Four (Delta) teaches purple to brown belt material and will take each student to a new level of self defense proficiency against almost any type of attack. Physical conditioning is emphasized as well.

Review (Echo) The final phase is a review. Students can only enter this class upon instructor approval after completion of the previous phases. This class is for students who desire to become instructors and test for their black belts. The review phase is a rigorous phase that determines what students have learned.

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