Zanshin Dojo is dedicated to the teaching of Martial Arts with the hope that students will one day become Zanshin instructors themselves and continue the tradition. Zanshin was constructed in 2010 in the urban revitalization area of Broadway Town Square in Salem, Oregon.

All Zanshin Dojo instructors are extensively cross-trained with a core curriculum that emphasizes Jujitsu and striking. Students will train in striking techniques using various heavy bags, focus mitts, sparring drills and grappling dummies (for striking on the ground). Throws and takedowns include both wrestling-style takedowns and judo throws. Mat work consists of submission wrestling and self-defense ground tactics. The focus is on application, and while classical techniques are studied in their traditional form, further intensity is devoted to practical use.

Zanshin is a state-of-the art Martial Arts school incorporating traditional teaching methods with cutting edge equipment. A 1,500 square foot uninterrupted mat sits atop a custom-designed subfloor for throwing and Jujitsu training complemented by a striking area with the most heavy punching bags in the state. A full exercise area features weights, treadmill, elliptical, and more. Fingerprint biometric door locks grant access, computerized climate controls maintain perfect training conditions, and a 45 inch flatscreen plays demonstration videos and student recordings for self-evaluation. The rugged utility of leather kick bags and oak training weapons balances the refined aspects of marble countertops and full-length mirrors.

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