All or Nothing Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Beaver Falls, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, trains men, women and children for fitness and competition. We train in fitness and competition. Our trainers, Matt Briancesco and Pat Maloney, are American Top Team Level 1 certified. Our facility features a 22 foot cage, showers, locker rooms, cardio and weightlifting equipment, and over 1000 square feet of mat space!

All or Nothing Mixed Martial Arts Training Center is located at Alexander Athletic Club in Chippewa.


  • MMA CRITIC says:

    this place is awesome! they have a really nice setup. to me there about the best in BEAVER COUNTY with GREAT TRAINERS!

  • MMAMAMA says:

    All or Nothing MMA center is a an awesome place to train! They welcome men, women and children to train for fitness and competition. They have a beautifully constructed combat cage! The trainers are American Top Team level 1 certified and they occasionally host professional ATT fighters for training seminars. I would recommend this gym to anyone. It’s a clean, fun and respectful family atmosphere. Give them a call for a trial membership!

  • Bill says:

    Great gym. I am proud to be a part of it. They welcome all with open arms and treat everyone with dignity and respect. No matter if you have been training for years or brand new to the sport, All or nothing is a great environment to train in.

  • steph says:

    I have seen first hand how this training center works and encourages their fighters to be the best….the dedication of the facility to improve yourself is amazing….it is operated by two well trained skilled professionals! i know this gym will only grow and become the best in the Pittsburgh area! keep it up….you make my husband happy…and bruised…but we love it!

  • mmajunkie says:

    what the trainers of this facility do should be illegal!! they have had only 6 months training themselves and 0 fights amateur or pro and spent one weekend and 3000 dollars each at American Top Team to get certified before they opened their own school. If you are a serious competitor and are looking to get on a fight team and train with top level fighters in the area you should look elsewhere in western pennsylvania. even if you are not serious do really want a trainer with only 6 months experience to teach you techniques of mma, you could train for a lifetime and still never master the sport, so do you really think these so called ATT trainers are experienced enough to teach you everything I DOUBT IT!

  • mma criric says:

    mma junkie. you are very misled. i find it comical that you take the time to bad mouth another gym, and what qualifies u to critque another gym in that fashion. the bottom line is that all or nothing mma is a winning gym with winning fighters and no matter what u say u can never take that away. So maybe u should do some more research and get some real facts.

  • mmajunkie says:

    It’s not my intention to insult any of the students at this school, and your loyalty to your instructor is admirable, however In my opinion you are all being mislead and blindly following 2 martial con men who, (from my experience with them) know very little about the physical & moral aspects of the martial arts. If there were a doctor or lawyer out there practicing without the proper training would you hesitate to expose them? This is supposed to be a forum of honest reviews, not an opportunity to lavish undeserved flattery.
    I feel that I have the right to challenge Matt & Pat’s Legitimacy because I have trained with them at another Beaver County MMA School about 1 year ago. At that time Matt was a beginners in the level 1 class and Pat had tested for his level 2 (The equivalent of a yellow belt in traditional martial arts). I rolled with them on an almost daily basis and they were both average at best compared to the other students at that school. I had been training several years already by this time and had fought for a title belt at Yankee Lake Brawlroom. Even with what Ive Accomplished thus far I don’t presume to think I’m ready to teach or train fighters, and for these guys who have far less experience than me to open up a school is a slap in the face all legitimate martial arts instructors. Also, you may want to check into the ATT Level 1 Certification. It’s open to anyone, in other words someone with no prior training could pay a few thousand dollars and spend 3 or 4 days training and be ranked as a level 1 instructor.
    Finally you mentioned that All or Nothing is a winning school, you may wanna check your math. I have been following them at Yankee Lake and I believe this list is accurate.

    Arzie Hall 1-2, Andre Ross 1-1, Pat Maloney 1-1, Larry Moon 1-0, and Zack Morrow 1-0

    That’s 9 fights, 4 wins, and 5 losses. Hardly a winning record (these stats are available to anyone on MMA.TV). If Ive forgotten anyone or made an error I apologize but even so it wouldn’t change the stats very much. Again no offense to these fighters, I respect anyone who steps in the cage. I hope you guys will start to look into your instructor’s back-round & credentials, there are lots of legitimate gyms you could be training at instead of this place.

  • Jeff Klinesmith says:

    I have read all the comments on this page and it sadens me to see this. I trained with these two individuals, I learned so much from the both of them I could never repay them. When i first walked in that door when the gym was still young they did not care I have a rough back ground, or I learned slower than the rest. They took there time to make sure I understood the instructions. To me it sounds as if you are jealous at there sucess and that is not what that sport is about. They worked hard I am sure to get were they are. How is it any ones place to judge. This sport gets i into your blood and you make friends, that become like a family. If I were to fly north right now and walk in that gym. I am confident that those two individuals would remember me and welcome in with open arms. This is a gym for some who wants to be seen as a human not a number in a class. For there record credibility, That is a low blow there is no honor in your generilezed statement. This gym is doing very well with its start. There is more to this sport than winning until you discover that it does not matter how many belts you have or fights under your belt, your just another number

  • MMAMAMA says:

    MMA junkie- You have to understand that the guys that fight out of AON are amateur fighters that do it because they love the sport and they should be respected for getting in the cage. They are husbands, fathers and students that do not have 24/7 opened devote the gym. I’m sorry their records don’t impress you and I don’t think these guys would appreciate you throwing names out there (you don’t post your name, huh?) I give the owners of All or Nothing all the credit in the world for following their dream and opening this gym! Unlike some of these other hard core MMA gyms AON is a professional and RESPECTFUL place to train. The trainers have never mislead anyone about their background and training. The school is still open and thriving and I totally agree with Jeff, the people at AON are like a huge family.

  • Chris says:

    Sheriff’s Sale will be on 8-10-2011 at 6:00 PM

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